Hiding to nothing [continued]

The major blemish on the principle “Whatever Them are angling for you to do, do the opposite … or at least don’t do that which they’re angling for” … the major blemish is that Them then factor that in.

“Them” love the game, whereas for the poor sods on the victim side, it’s hope or despair, sufficient to live on or debt and penury a d we can ill afford to be playing games. An illustration of this was the Missing Children post at OoL where what came out in court was the way certain of the nobility were using kids for sport, in an Open Season way.

“Sick” does not even begin to explain it. I’m not an Icke lizard explanation devotee, nor an ‘aliens among us’ to any great extent but there’s certainly a case that mainly sickos are rewarded now with money and position and this is getting back to the baronial castle system, where peasants’ livelihoods were dependent on the sickness or not of the local baron. It’s not far from that scenario.

With one added twist – the sickos include women now, the Ghislaine Maxwells and others, and there is zero pity in this type of woman, worse than the men.

And aiding and abetting this is any man who views material which makes it highly profitable to kidnap and prostitute or who make it a career choice at school through material such as we saw yesterday in that school course. No authority at all is striding in there and shutting that sort of thing down.

Even if you home schooled, how could you prevent kids accessing it, just as Them have a hard time regulating us on the net. They shut down servers, new ones start up.

Part of it is the breakdown in marriage and family, the better for the state to step in – Scotland’s ‘Named Persons Scheme’, also ‘Mentoring’. But where local govt should step in, e.g. Rotherham, they singularly fail to and police turn a blind eye.

And behind the family breakdowns are women who’ve been brainwashed into thinking their Me Me Me is vastly more important than saving families and therefore society. Also the arrogance of having children by bad boys they hope to change by their loveliness.

It can stop if good people get behind a Trump, himself a bad boy, and flatter him that he can be a demi-saviour, ditto with Boris, but the problem is that neither are true believers, they see advantage, as Constantine did. But I do opine that it takes a major figure to change any of it, a consummate player of experience who can command, with good people accidentally in power around them, e.g. Pence.

Plus people grow into a job, they become better at it if what’s holding them back is inexperience. With the Donald, age is also a factor.

Coming back to the ordinary man, divorced, alone, porn on tap, I suggest that he can start the process of killing off the trade by some measures. Firstly, if succumbing, then only view old material, nothing new and certainly not young. Replace ‘young’ in their minds with ‘alluring’, which can be 70s women – images don’t age.

The idea is to starve the new trade, just as anything Woke is to be boycotted. Why not the full-on Mary Whitehouse? It’s unrealistic without some sort of personal epiphany. As a man, I know men, ok? Allure is allure. Trick is only go back to the old and the new will fold. Market forces.

Of course my real hope is that it will all disappear, people will start marrying again and there it is on tap, that school swamps will be drained of the flotsam staff and heads. That’s the ideal but meanwhile, certain steps of a market nature can be taken by each and every man.

But that means western men. When we get to the ‘Asians’, as the MSM describe them, plus the Latinos, that’s a whole different situation. Plus eastern Europe. We’re a drop in the ocean, compared, not unlike the plastic pollution sweeping down the Ganges and Mekong.

That’s true but if the taste changed towards soft, early Playboy style, weaning yourself off the nasty, the Asians would pick up on that. It would be a start, because this can’t go on as it is and hope for any sort of sane society, even in ten years. It’s reclaiming one’s dignity I’m talking about. Attempting to.

And it starts with each currently reviled man getting his own head together on this matter.

2 comments for “Hiding to nothing [continued]

  1. Distant Relative
    January 15, 2020 at 11:45

    Maybe Pence deserves a sideways look or “the side-eye” as they say on the other side of the Pond. There are rumours he closed down a sex-crimes investigation in Indiana. His running mate 2016 was RINO Paul Ryan.



    All suspect, in my ‘umble. They’re politicians.

    • January 15, 2020 at 16:04

      Yes, I was going to mention Ryan, they’re too chummy for mine.

      Nikki Haley VP?

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