Last of Monday

20. Russia meets Rammstein

Only Chuckles could have sent something like that. 🙂

19. This David Olney death

It’s the luck of the draw or whatever but let me mention how Douglas Adams went, also how mine happened again.

18.  Genesis of a Lady

There are any number of lost, Woke kids out there, still kids at 50, dead losses as people, space occupiers, air breathers.  So whenever one sees the tide turning, it really does need publicising, just to give us all some hope.

This girl being interviewed, while a nice kid, is not setting the world on fire, she’s still embryonic, she’s the sort I used to teach. I cut her much slack – if you have daughters, you might too. I’m not interested in any fully fledged maturation, she’s a kid, but she’s in the right place, looking the right way.

And we might smile at Robin’s ‘over the course of our [long] lives’ but hey – it’s all fine. Anyway, you might like to take in a few minutes of it and feel just a bit more reassured about the future.

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