Marijana Veljovic

A site called Stylist asks a silly question:

Why can’t tennis umpire Marijana Veljovic do her job without being objectified?

Where do we even start?

1. Kayleigh Dray is the ‘journo’ and she’s supposedly into Style – well, Marijana Veljovic has it in buckets.

2. That style of white blouse is precisely what the French [and probably other Europeans] know is a trigger for men, the jeans set it off. Ms Veljovic, as Our Kayleigh writess, ‘… has put in all of that hard work, and more.’

Absolutely – not only a hardworking umpire but also a stunning young lady.

And what?

3.  I’ve never wolf-whistled a female for the simple reason that if I want a sporting chance at nabbing her, better to be a gentleman until the green light is shown.  But the MSM is not noted for being ladies and gentlemen, so in that sense, Our Kayleigh does have a point, if that were her only criticism – I’d actually agree with her on sleazes and the gauche.  Quite cringeworthy.

4.  However, Our K wants to broaden the criticism and that’s where she crosses a line. The bottom line is that that is how the young female is built, the Good Lord did that to ensure the propagation of her family line, that’s what a woman is – she is poetry in motion and so it is by no means wrong to appreciate the classy who make an effort.

Plus Ms Veljovic has done nothing to wrap herself in sackcloth or wear a heebeejeebee, plus she is in the prime seat in the place, plus it was a major tennis match.  If Our Kayleigh can’t stand men for whatever reason, why must Ms Veljovic follow suit?

5.  Ms V is eastern European and the women there are not noted for being backward in presenting their best angles.  Our Kayleigh’s country and the rest of the English speaking west have simply lost the plot, methinks she should go off to a nunnery and let Ms Veljovik do what she does best.

6.  Was there anything immodest about Ms V?  I don’t think so.

7.  Don’t think much of her trainers though – those piggy-nosed sneakers are quite ugly.

3 comments for “Marijana Veljovic

  1. Doonhamer
    January 29, 2020 at 20:59

    New balls, please?

    Only ‘cos ah is old.

    • Andy5759
      January 29, 2020 at 21:51

      I would require new kneecaps.

  2. January 30, 2020 at 00:30

    Why do women have to project their own objectification of women onto men? I am guessing that they have to find something wrong lest they fall under the spell themselves. It is sort of like a doorstop.

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