Monday [2]

10.  Return of the trolleybus?

Noticed a comment there by one Dave Ward:

One thing missing from that picture is streets chock-a-block with parked cars & delivery vehicles. A trolley bus only has so much leeway from the overhead cables. These days, with continual roadworks and closures they would be at a considerable disadvantage compared to a “self powered” bus, which can easily take an alternative route, if needed.

Downside to everything, no?

9.  House prices …

… in the gender-bender, narcotic-wracked, faeces-ridden, homeless city:

A steal at 2.7 million.

Who, right mind etc.

8. Apologies to the boys

… but I’ve neglected pics of girls of late … here’s one:

The criticism was the ‘awful’ dress sense in flapper times – ‘bags’ was one description with lowered waistlines and shortened legs – early sackcloth feminism?

As for the bonnets – I quite like them except that they can look like battle helmets at times.  [And in answer to the unasked question – front row, second from right of course.]

7. Chuckles’s supper went trad

… whereas my brek I may have wrecked by putting in too much thyme:

However, the desired grain separation was achieved and overherbing with other herbs balanced the taste out.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

6 comments for “Monday [2]

  1. Doonhamer
    January 13, 2020 at 18:04

    #8. Front row, second from right?
    The big cat being fed treats by her owner?

  2. Toodles
    January 13, 2020 at 18:53

    8. In regards to the particular flapper dresses in the featured photo they are pretty sad looking to me as well. I have seen some flapper attire I thought was cute, charming and even for the taller girls, quite elegant.

    I suppose it is how one can pull things off is what matters. We cannot all afford to dress like certain people who are extremely wealthy. It is sad to me to see ladies spend way more money than they can afford on a certain pair of shoes or a certain bag so others will know how much money was spent upon the special item.

    Now it is their privilege to spend whatever they wish, of course. However, some people can come across looking as if they are playing dress up in their mommy’s clothes if they are not careful. The result might be long side glances from the very people they may be trying to impress or emulate. Instead they may receive, ‘Awwwwww, isn’t she cute wearing that piece? Just so precious. I think it is adorable when ‘their kind’ do those things…play dress up.’

    Also, some women may spend the money on those one or two items of ostentaciousness instead of paying for their lekky, or rent and so forth.

    I do think there are quality pieces from which regular people can select. Again, they can spend hundreds to thousands on a pair of shoes if they want, but unless a shoe designer and manufacturer can guarantee to rid my foot of the bunion I may or may not have, then I am not spending my children’s … ooops grandchildren’s college education on a pair of shoes…no doubt a college ed. is also wasteful spending over on this side of the Atlantic. Another day and time for that…or not.

    Anyway, attempting to impress certain people because those certain people go around trying to impress certain other people too is a waste of time and certainly money, to my way of thinking.

    Back to the pic…the girls’ dresses may be all they could afford and also may have lived in an area that had few shopping choices. Could be they are homemade. Even now, my homemade’s were some of my cutest outfits and well made too! Still, some of the girls are a tiny bit frumpy in the dresses. Their shoes….not much choice back then and I do not think there are many people who can make their own shoes…which may explain why shoes can be wildly expensive.

    Taking into consideration affordability, reachability resulting in fewer selections, and the times that picture was taken, we should not be so critical. The same thing holds true for most people at any point in time.

    So what can one do if one cannot afford what the rich and famous, or just the rich and stylish can afford? In the case of the ladies above there are a few things they might could have done.
    For example…The angle of the hats can perhaps be adjusted, or cinched in a more flattering way, particular for each girl. The costume jewellery can be changed a bit to suit not only the outfit, but the wearer as well. Even the stance for some of the less attractive girls can be tweaked, adjusted to bring out their better expressions, or a different stance chosen to address body type issues one might have. Nothing major, but perhaps a softening of a particular body type can happen with a better pose or stance.

    That fave of James, for instance, is quite cute. Had she thought about it, or had she the time to play with it, her hat, which I would love to have even today, could have been rolled up a bit…maybe not, playing around with it though would have been fun. Maybe that was her choice of the ways to wear it. Still cute on her. Another girl up there could have set her hat at a bit of an angle, or pinned a flower somewhere on the side of it, or the brim could have been turned up a little with a brooch holding it in place for a demure, but slightly cheeky look. Always things can be adjusted for every era to fit the individual’s face and body and personality if they want.

    As I view the girls I become more and more pleased with the shot. Their outfits are of no consequence. The girls themselves is what I am now seeing. Each seems very happy and pleased to be there. The demeanor of each seems quite pleasant- aimeable, kind and ladylike. None are sticking out their tongues standing in garish and or vulgar poses, or trying to upstage the other. Nor, do they seem haughty, as if they think they are more human, or beyond human than the other.

    Hmmmm…as I look more and more at the picture style, money, social status cannot buy what these happy girls have, had…which seems to be joy. Even if they were never happy afterwards, at least for that brief moment they do seem glad to just ‘be’ themselves.

    And really, if one has to choose between style, money, social status or joy, I wonder what most people would choose.

    • January 13, 2020 at 19:19

      What a comprehensive take on the outfits and look. Only a female could see all that.

  3. james wilson
    January 13, 2020 at 21:02

    2.7 million does come with subsidized homeless addicts etc. but what it illuminates is how much people with the money to pay the tax will pay to substantially remove themselves from orcs. And ship them to my neighborhood.

  4. January 14, 2020 at 04:45

    Fashions ! Hah. They dress to impress….. one another. It certainly does not impress most men. And one is hard pressed to see how impressed other women can be.

    Occasionally a gal can be ‘turned out’ just splendidly. Class and elegance and good taste are noticed by men and women alike. And, frankly, most women can afford what it takes.

    But don’t.

    Most of the clothes women choose to wear are ridiculous and in a decade or two will be blamed on men. Corsets and bustles for example. But more modern concoctions also. I shall let you point out your favourite ridiculous garbs.

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