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US set to expel more than a dozen Saudi military trainees following terror attack in Florida

Look what Polly says around 3 mins onwards about Saudi. Colour this humble blogger impressed – Q and she nail it again, asking the right questions:

I had Saudi tabbed for arms reasons, bulwark against the Shiites etc., not thinking they were a main player in the sex trafficking of underagers.

Now look at Jeff Flake again [previous video] and his intransigence in Congress becomes quite understandable.

UK off the hook? Have to be kidding – checkout Dolphin Square again and The Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Now, the use of the word Rainbow today is highly loaded as you know. Come back to my and many others’ distaste for the gay/tranny mafia – it’s not just the perversion but the tactics and their victims.

The sheer monstrous sickness of Ranieri/Porter/Mack – quote of a victim.

10:30: how the rich and influential get entangled with these people. The Club. My question is – is Markle just a common garden narcissist or is she far worse – an Allison Mack?

She’s certainly very white.  🙂

In my book, there’s a section written some years back, after previous ferreting – in this, two of the protagonists are discussing becoming an item. He should have woken up, he didn’t, he was sucked in by her assets and she, in turn … well, enough of that.

He says to the Allison Mack type character:

Now, every girl in that Section had had some kind of trauma in her past – Genie, Nikki, Nadine, Elaine, even Francine, but I looked at you and I didn’t see a traumatized girl … so why would Genie have told me you were a rescuee? I see in front of me now a woman who’s no doubt had traumas in her life, just as I have but basically, you seem well adjusted. I think that’s all I’m trying to say.’

She opened her mouth once or twice to speak and then thought better of it. As she was struggling to speak, he said, ‘All right, Em, let’s not bother if it stresses you.’

‘No, I must talk it out – I just wasn’t expecting it so soon … but I’m glad now it’s finally here. I was always going to tell you this but I didn’t know when or how.’ She gathered herself. ‘It may be that you won’t wish to be with me after this, Hugh. If that’s so, we’ll talk to the other two tomorrow and work something out.’

‘I think it would have to be something really, really terrible and even then I can’t see it.’

‘We’ll see. I was a rescuee, that part is true but Hugh, I was never a victim.’ She licked her lips and found it immensely difficult. ‘You see, I was a perpetrator, une malfaiteuse.’

‘I had a vague feeling, not exactly like that. It alters nothing. If you want to tell me, it’s OK, if you don’t want – then don’t.’

She breathed out slowly and continued. ‘Just as everyone locked into evil is a victim, you could say I was a victim. I procured girls for le Roux and other men like him, young girls my age sometimes, and also boys. Do you need to hear this or not?’

‘I need but it doesn’t need to be tonight.’

‘Yes it does, Bebe, yes it does. I need the air to be clear between us.’

Just as with the real life Allison Mack, exposed years later, a decade later in fact, she was able to pull the wool for some time, due to her assets.

We’re really talking the same story, the same tale, except I didn’t know that while writing the book, I saw females in real life only as victims, males as the perps. Now we know of the Ghislaine Maxwells, Heidi Fleisses, that type, not quite as bad as the Ranieris but still monsters nonetheless. We can all be monsters, given a coming together of various circumstances.

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  1. Distant Relative
    January 12, 2020 at 18:34

    Degrees of separation between Bronfman (Hannah) and Cringe. Allegedly.

    Also rumours trying to tie Cringe to Epstein to Airmiles. I haven’t seen any evidence for that and I don’t fancy looking too deeply to be honest. Their Foundation is murky enough. Interesting tidbit – Ron Burkle’s 27 year old son died last weekend or thereabouts – alleged drug overdose.

  2. Distant Relative
    January 12, 2020 at 20:37

    “Canadian Billionaire Frank Giustra Providing Luxe Hideout For Prince Harry, Meghan Markle” Headline from PageSix



    The question for me remains – why did the RF allow this marriage? Power-struggles amongst the Swamp critters? idk.

  3. Distant Relative
    February 21, 2020 at 09:16

    And more affiliates

    Chanced upon this today. It’s long and takes a while to load all the articles included. Ties NXIVM to govt, media, Hollywood (not Mack this time) etc Degrees of separation. Nasty indeed.

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