Some of us can’t stand Woke

If Bruce can transition into Caitlyn then GM can do basically the same thing – with the difference being Bruce probably paid for his own surgery.

GM is going to want your “help” paying for its transition.

Stunning and Brave: Fake Doctor Who Falls to Lowest Ratings In Thirty One Years; “Batwoman” Tells the World She’s a Lesbian, and Loses Almost a Half Million Viewers in a Week

Even someone supposedly on our side is at it. That Dancing dove girl featured in the video in the last post – I took her to task for not practising what she preached.  She complains in her song about the old ways, the old safe spaces having gone, then goes and uses the descriptor F*** after her name.

Just what do these females think they’re doing?  Whom do they think they’re impressing with their gobby gutter language?  With a woke lefty you’d expect it, on our side we’d expect at least a lady.

Piers is no great shakes himself but as for these two low quality women:

Joe chimes in:

I would love to have the ability to go to a news website and list tags of the articles I do not want to have clutter up my screen.

Just give me three tags. Let them expire in a week. I can always reset them if I am still in overload.

This week I would set two of my flags as Markle and Impeachment. Next week I might set different flags.

Suffer the little children … David T:

Further to this recent tale of aching tenderness, it’s time for another visit to the pages of Slate, where our progressive betters mull the quandaries of modern living:

I’m a woman in my mid-30s, and I’ve identified as asexual and aromantic basically forever. A few months ago, something changed, and I experienced sexual attraction for the first time,

Ah, a sexual blossoming.

I’m kind of touch-averse,

Albeit complicated.

Just go away, purr-lease?  Last one – when I descend into Russian, the dudgeon is well and truly high:

Emily Eavis has been named a Godlike Genius by the NME, in recognition of her “outstanding contribution” to the Glastonbury festival.

Uzhas!  [yжас, quelle horreur!]

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