6. Corona have changed their name

Wonder why?

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5. Never apologise to that lot

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4.  Go forth and multiply

The attrition rate of female vloggers is steadily on the rise – yep, in their late 20s and early 30s, horror of horrors, they’re hearing the tick tock, are marrying and getting pregnant:

Plus they’re losing interest in the whole insane theatre and are thinking more about … babies … and hopefully hubbies too. Hopefully, while the psycho women are on the street, good, married women are home having babies and bringing them up in sane ways.

Meanwhile, what can be done about the leftist psychos?

3.  Reportedly and allegedly

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker, was one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors and also allegedly probed the finances of the Clinton Foundation.

Cincinelli, 41, was found with at least one gunshot wound inside the Container Bar in Austin, Texas when police arrived there shortly before midnight on July 16, reports the New York Post.

Gunshot wound inside his containerbar, eh? Very painful way to go. Must not mock the writer and subby – they don’t teach grammar and word usage to under 40s, do they?

2. This Coronavirus

1) Its family includes SARS.
2) Treat it like FluBola and you’ll do fine.
3) It’s got about a 5% fatality rate (compared to 66-80% for Ebola virus).
4) It’s about ten times easier to catch than Ebola.
5) Wash your hands, and if it gets nearby, disposable gloves and a N95 mask should suffice.
6) If it becomes a transplanted epidemic, stay home if you can, and minimize contact if you can’t.
7) Wash your hands before you eat or drink, and don’t touch your face.
8) Wash your hands.

I would ask a questionable 9) Don’t eat Chinese?

Give or take a quarter of a million.

Useful thing, this Coronavirus, takes the mind of Boris’s BRINO – Boris should be careful eating fish or going to the parliamentary loo:

1. Who would want to date a psycho anyway?

One of the least psycho ladies of all, therefore one detained and imprisoned in London some time back, reports:

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  1. January 26, 2020 at 14:40

    Congratulations to the Blonde. I hope the pregnancy goes to term and she has a fine baby. She may not be keeping ahead with the political bizzo (pity, she is good at it) but she is doing what fit, healthy young women do and reproducing. She will be good at that too.

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