The lost

It’s a longterm thing, political/social/religious comment because one is not speaking just from the point of view of the material in that post but from the years of reading before.

So we’re all on different pages and have different things to bring. We also, each of us, go back to our key sources. One of mine is at OoL, on The Missing Children, and re-reading it, I left out all the testimony of the children, plus the account of the girl later taken by one of the investigators over the scene of one of the crimes and an interesting thing had to be avoided – those getting off on such stuff – thus I did not post it.

This stuff is bad, it’s not for anyone in any society with at least some pretension to ethics, which leaves me in a dilemma – I also have a responsibility towards mine hosts not to bring heat down on them. All I’m doing here is posting the url and two screenshots, to give a flavour of what we’re dealing with.

London 2012 Olympics:

I once read the life of Alinsky and how vile he was in real life, a disgusting demi-human, which was along the lines above. Also, Bacll recalls, in looking back at the trial she witnessed before the HUAC in the 50s, one of her supposed leftist heroes being anything but heroic when convicted – he acted somewhat along the lines of a Linda Blair in the Exorcist, any sort of human decency absent.

Also, go back to the Pizzagate series and look at Podesta’s artwork. Those things give you a taste of what they’re about. We might be appalled by Pelosi and company’s actions but that does not even scratch the surface of who exactly is in charge, running things. We had a glimpse with Cressida Dick’s exoneration of paedos, also throw in Harbag and Hewitt, Cyril Smith, the entire Dolphin Square coverup – Plod found nothing? Yeah right.

The vast middle of society can seriously not even conceive of the depths which, say, the fictional Father Brown saw – he knew because he dealt with it nightly. A real person, Erin Pizzey, saw the dark side for what it was, many soldiers see it. Svali said that their greatest defence, the evil, is the incredulity of middle America. Ordinary people have fantasies, yes, but this depth of depravity is still beyond them.

And these monsters are the very ones in charge of our society, the education system, they have introduced the things kids now see daily, do daily, the things of the Bertelsmann pamphlets, really disgusting things that not even adults should have any truck with. 11 years old doing designer drugs? Who on earth allowed this to happen?

These very people in key positions are monsters in suits or power dressed women like Maxwell. ‘Sick’ is not even a starter description. A friend of mine wrote: ‘Disturbing … everything about them is disturbing. Speaking of disturbing. That woman [DofS] I checked out what DR referred to….pic with her walking the ‘baby’. He is right. That is not a real baby!!!! What a farce. That thing she had with her had very long rubbery legs and lifeless.’

I keep coming back to Svali but she did say that they were going to externalise the hierarchy around 2020 – that’s where we are now.

For what to know any of this? Would it be not better to remain a village idiot, happy in his own world, rather than face the truth of how depraved things really are? That party in the screenshot concerned effigies – they’re not effigies on high days and some know exactly to what I refer.

That was all about the monsters, what of the weakwilled who just blindly follow?

So, to summarise, what we’re up against are both the evil in key positions all the way down society, hiding behind respectability and education but their actions give them away, their talk, then the massed followers chanting Imhotep, pagans, ‘women’s rights’ pink pussy idiots etc., then the faux Christians who have infiltrated established churches and occupy ‘high places’, leading the flock astray into abominations as they say in biblical language, then the Muslims in Dar al Harb, which includes the UK, hence the violence here and in Europe, almost the whole of parliament, esp. the Lords and Labour.

On our side are one or two in the MSM, quite a few on social media … that’s about it. Oh … and the Christian God as far as the gospels can be believed.