The sad joke for the Boomers

I’ll run something classical tomorrow.  All the songs below have something wrong with them, yet all were/are classics. 

The problem is that the lyrics in each case sit well with normal people of the past who did all the pioneering, were hard working, provided their children with a proper education, who had a code called scripture they at least paid lip service to, who worked for home and car – the songs are fine for such as these, they apply.

They are a hollow travesty for the feckless perma-unemployed.

The songs are entirely inapplicable to those of the global left Marxist establishment who are not rebels in the least but are conformists to the slovenly, slatternly, drug-ridden, indolent lifestyle of the left and its Narrative.

Or to the Bojo type. I noticed him praising Sir Roger the other day. Why? He’s a globalist, Bojo, why would he praise Sir Roger?

What we have here is someone painting a picture of himself as one thing but being entirely another.

What on earth are rabid lefties doing turning up and singing Teach Your Children Well? Why did CS&N call out that this song was for ‘Bill’, camera pans and there’s Clinton, no doubt with Hanoi Jane and Kerry singing along.

That song has zero to do with teaching your children well, quite the opposite in fact. It condemns them for NOT teaching their children well. Springsteen was there on one version – you know, the tranny lover who insists on unisex toilets.

And that is the dark joke of the final days of this particular post-war, PoMo society whose lack of any good values have brought all of us to our knees. Yet they prance about as if they are somehow good people and our saviours. And then lecture us on those things, according to their own twisted outlook handed down from above, the Palpatinesque ‘garn, go ahead, do as thou wilt’.

Even the lyrics of this last song say it – dreamers, fools. The deluge sweeps them away.

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  1. January 14, 2020 at 18:37

    I like your new blog header picture – where is it?

    • January 14, 2020 at 21:34

      Years ago, someone ran a Wayback and I think we said some Austrian city but don’t quote me. Shall try to find out.

      On Jackson Browne, this is a nice version of this song – the available choices are poor now on youtube, mainly due to sound quality and also this annoying habit of drummers to be mixed in bashing the drum during soft pieces, which really ruins it. In this case, bongos provide the percussion.

      Two bad offenders with drums were Roy Orbison and Warren Zevon.

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