5. “Lies are their currency”

NorthAmericaphobes will not like Polly, she does join dots but generally does so validly and always based on homework, plus she does not have a stud through her tongue like the British version who says, ‘Kmwwhgd jkurs hresd!’ Quite passionately. Polly is straight.

If you need the dirt on Podesta, go to the Pizzagate link. The rest you’ll need to do yourself. Brock is next.

4. Calling all welders

3. Most miserable US cities

Often, these cities have been devastated by natural disasters. They’ve had to deal with blight and with high crime rates. Economies have struggled after industry has collapsed. These cities also tend to have high rates of addiction.

The state with the most miserable cities was California, with 10 in the top 50. New Jersey was second, with nine, and Florida had six.

[H/T Caspar]

2. Dunsany’s chess

This is quite interesting but I’m hampered by lack of knowledge of the basic moves, what can be etc.  The only game I ever played I won but only because someone kept saying, ‘You can’t do that.’  I had not a clue what had just happened.

Only golf I ever played was nine holes and was terrible on the fairways, was Ok once it got to the green.  Fairways – dropped shot after shot every hole.  Scored 58.



Don’t know about Communist China, certainly it’s the USSR. The moment the State has legions of little snitches, nobility is over, the midnight Black Moriah is here. Or the 5a.m. [see Roger Stone].

In Russia, the midnight car to take the head of the family away [see Gilliam’s Brazil] was called Chorni Voron [stress first syllables] or Black Raven [see Poe as well]:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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4 comments for “Thursday-Friday

  1. Mark Matis
    January 16, 2020 at 21:57
    • January 17, 2020 at 04:27

      You’ve got it. Under no circumstances, ever, must communism or any of its variants get anywhere near the reins of power again as it did 2008-16. Vigilance is needed, also reversing the brainwashing of youth.

      • Mark Matis
        January 17, 2020 at 12:21

        Well THAT is the attitude of most tribe in the US today. Do note that they are primarily “reformed” tribe, while those who are “enjoying” the “diversity” tend to be Orthodox…

    • Twisted Root
      January 17, 2020 at 08:49

      What else are the incompetent supposed to do when they achieve a position of responsibility? They must live in daily terror of being discovered.

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