Tuesday too

5.  Further to the musical and previous post

Brian gets a lot of flak but he’s usually on the money:

4.  The criminals enacting this legislation


In May last year — late fall in the inverted seasons Down Under — an official of Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in New South Wales (NSW) wanted the public to know that it was a crime for them to collect firewood for the winter

These bstds need rounding up and throwing in klink, throw the key away for their legislative crimes.  In Oz, they know very, very well that undergrowth and bracken needs clearing – look at the result once the arsonists got going.

3.  Road kings


I had a couple of early 70’s Ford LTD’s and they were so comfortable to ride in on long trips that it was like sitting in your favorite chair at home, going 80 miles an hour all day long like it was nothing.

Now days you are wasting your time even opening the hood.  Compare those old Road Kings to the aluminum and plastic soap bubbles they have the audacity to call cars these days.

2. Some good memes about just now

1. Sorry ’bout that

Fell asleep for six hours, missed the afternoon post. Here ’tis.