Utterly sick of it all

Total bollox and these tossers think we’re remotely interested in their BS, hanging on their every farcical move.  Problem is, I don’t trust my fellow citizenry to throw the bstds out, neck and crop, when the election comes around.

Who cares? Haiku says: “My guess is that the Williams sisters could live – comfortably – off the appearance fees alone, at least for the next couple of years.”


This nice poster here at the rally:


Good point:

I asked the guy with this militia why he was holding a Hong Kong flag. He said, “It only seems fair. They’re holding ours.”

Go away [this was expletives but it’s a family blog]:


Changing the name of something changes the thing itself? Go away!

Lot of postmodernists there it seems.

Worth a look:


Oh well, we still have Rebecca.  Go away:

Labour leadership: Jess Phillips quits race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn

P*** off [I mean go away]:

Duke and Duchess of Sussex issue legal warning over photos

So bereft of inspiration …

… that the only film they can make, is a film about making a film

Yeah, go away, clowns.

Says it all:

Escape the ranks of the insane

Methinks it’s half and half – we, either consciously or woke in the real sense, plus the embryonic WintheRS are well over half now I’d say. Even the massive young majority of the insane is reducing and our age group is way over the odds of WintheRS.

Not without hope but I simply can’t be bothered with that other half – they’re depressing and sickening, let’s send them to Elba or St. Helena.

3 comments for “Utterly sick of it all

  1. Distant Relative
    January 22, 2020 at 14:01

    “Utterly sick of it all” You and me both. Was discussing with better half a few moments ago what to do about it all – this Matrix thingy we’re stuck in.

    Re the Ginge formerly known as Prince and Cringe formerly known as yacht girl – both of ’em need sectioning, imho. She stages a pap walk with a doll (the photos have been dissected to the nth degree on twitter and elsewhere – so many things wrong with the way she is carrying it etc etc conclusion by majority that its a doll she’s carrying) and two dogs then complains about pap intrusion. Probably a ruse to get HM Gov to pay for RPOs. And just happens to release the dodgy photos on the same night Wills and Kate have an official shindig with some African organisation. Petulant former HRHs but still currently horse’s ar$es.

  2. Distant Relative
    January 23, 2020 at 14:04

    Here’s one of the photos pointing to all the things wrong with the baby harness. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOxM99MXsAA82Af.jpg

    Apparently media photos of this incident have been copyrighted now.

    What alerted me to this being a staged photo op was the dogs. Speaking as a dog owner of over 40 years, no responsible adult would hold a baby loosely in one hand and hold two medium-sized dogs in the other during a walk in the woods/park and pay more attention to smiling for the camera than her charges. All it takes is for one of the dogs to see another animal – rabbit/squirrel- or even a ball landing nearby, for example, and with one yank on the lead (no pun intended!) the dogs take off at speed and the mother could be dragged head first into the undergrowth with that baby underneath her. Also, not looking where she is going she could trip over the dogs’ leads as they cross in front of her resulting in same scenario i.e. baby hitting the ground with her on top. Just as well it is a doll.

    Didn’t want to muck up the “Lost” post with this nonsense.

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