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9. Dealing with the naughty [2]

This is sent by Rossa’s mother and mentions Ben Garrison but the post is by someone called Tina. There’s a cartoon with Harry as a lapdog, in this case being led on a leash by Me-again.

Here’s the text abridged:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the news cycle for a couple days. There’s nothing that the Fake News media loves more (besides impeachment) than a good Royal Family Feud with or without Richard Dawson.

The Queen was displeased with the antics and watching her grandson become more and more emasculated by the day at the hands of MM. Her majesty kept a stiff upper lip and wished them well …

… The Queen knows what’s going on. She is a survivor and will carry on through this princess’s tantrum. Harry however has made a fool of himself and his manhood.  Good Boy! Now roll over.

– Tina

I’m with her completely on that. At the same time, there’s nothing worse than when a genuinely soft woman is put upon by an arrogant male. Yes, I know she ‘should’ stand up for herself, great in theory, but I’m going to be sexist here – while there is NO excuse for a male lapdog, a female is quite different, she can be very soft, she’s a girl for crying out loud, and all the impossible things a girl is.

She can be truly brittle and all she ever wants, that sort of gal, is for everything to work. I know such gals and there’s nothing manly about putting her down.

On the other hand again, there are idiots like me who let themselves be lapdogs and it often happens when the girl’s too young and/or he sees his mortality and is terrified to lose her. I’m saying now, from experience, it is in no one’s interests to roll over and put the paws in the air, for any reason. It’s a case of wish I knew then what I know now.

In short, there are those of us who adore feminine women who are soft and lovely and all those female things. That sort of lady must be accorded chivalry, nothing less – to hell with that being sexist. Wining an argument with such a lady is pointless.

As for feminists, just cross the road when you see one coming. If you get into an argument with one, snort, laugh and walk away, that should send her out of her tree.

8. Dealing with the naughty [1]

When I was in Russia, two separate people said to me that the British were greedy, were they not? That was an interesting statement, spoken as a question with an up-tone at the end, because they also admire “our” Empire building and politeness.

I’d never thought much about us being greedy here – no more than anywhere else in the world – but today I was not so sure. When I get picked up by a car here, the route is set and I know the cost, even if he goes a short way up the road to turn – it comes out the same. Then I tip at the other end.

The first bad sign was that he took ages to get here. Second was not the slightest apology, third was that he kept the meter hidden behind his steering wheel, down low. Still I said nothing, making desultory conversation.

At the destination, he asked for more than the journey rated and what’s more, I knew how he’d done it. He could have started the meter before he actually got to me, coming around the corner, or else there’s a far more subtle way.

Picture the route split in two. Each half route has two options. Let’s call the first half A or B and the second half C or D. If you go A, you generally then go C or if B, then generally D.

What he did was B, then switched to C, which involved a connecting road, each half being of equal length. That extra distance serves to tick it over to the next charge zone.

My car back was a driver I know well and I put it to him, he called control, on came the sub-boss who knew exactly what had happened. I said I wanted handled in house – don’t report if to X and Y, the head honchos. Just a quiet word would help me, I’d beaten the price down anyway.

My driver was the one peeved though because he said it reflected on all of them and I have a good relationship with the drivers – there’ve only ever been two try it on. I’ll not get the rip off merchant again, it was explained how it was quietly done – we were on conference [speaker phone].

Coming back to foodstuffs, bumping up prices is one thing but it’s at least honest, and I have the option of not buying that product. Making the product sub-standard though is naughty, because it’s dishonest and that is something up with which I shall not put. In fact, I’ll put moves in motion to skewer whoever does it, even a head office if necessary.

7. Night follows day

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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  1. January 15, 2020 at 09:19

    This is one situation where the upward numbered post format works.

    I’d not want to do it all the time, mind, but in situations where I’m away from the blog, e.g. being asleep 1 a.m. to 9 a.m., it lets things be added without reformatting.

  2. Distant Relative
    January 15, 2020 at 16:08

    9. The gift that keeps on giving. Two blind items:

    Stockholm Boy

    You know things are bad when Kneepads confirms what I wrote well over a year ago that the alliterate royal banned her husband from speaking to or seeing many of his old friends. Yes, including the one who arranges yachting journeys.

    Death by 1000 cuts now they’re on their way out of the RF. MSM catching on and releasing the kraken. Timely disappearing act by Cringe as the details of the lawsuit against MoS comes out.

  3. dearieme
    January 15, 2020 at 17:26

    Taxis: the only driver who has defrauded me (to my knowledge) was a London black cab driver. And therefore I approve of Addison-Lee, Uber, and so on.

    And if the black cab drivers all lose their livelihoods? Serves ’em right.

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