When an issue is inserted to confuse and confound

This follows on from this morning’s OoL post.

Call Me did similar when he forced through the gay “marriage” act against all opposition and contrary to scripture, in that the only sanctified marriage is between a man and a woman under God.

It is eternal, it has nothing to do with pig-lover Call Me.

Over in the States, there is now this issue:


Whichever way the CEO of Chick-fil-A slices it, by defunding the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he betrayed the founder’s stated vision of Chick-fil-A and the vision which has guided the outlet’s operations since inception. Worse, he kowtowed to the LBHeeBeeGeeBee mafia by secretly donating money to them [through the SPLC in 2017] to placate them.

… it was an outrage when Ryan Bomberger revealed that Chick-fil-A had contributed $2,500 to the SPLC in 2017. FRC responded with a boycott of Chick-fil-A.

I did see profits down from 900k odd to 500k odd but can’t find the article now. The money and incidentally, the quality of the food are hardly relevant here – it is the betrayal of the raison d’etre of the company which is the issue.

Broadening the issue

If you look at the various biblical references to the suppression of Christians, especially in the final days, what’s always puzzled me is which issue or issues were going to be the ones which turned an entire population.

In other words, what change must occur in society in order for a public mood largely at one with scripture to turn toxic?  Given that the Christian stance on things has not altered in 2000 plus years, what then has altered in society?

And we can see two things – one is the revelations about paedo priests and the tales of horrendous nunneries, of intolerant Christian schools [mainly Catholic] as the only image of that faith allowed to stand in the media and entertainment – the other being the buggery issue.  When the population in general starts supporting buggery and calling two participants in it ‘married’, then obviously any who are of the faith are going to diametrically oppose that.

There is that reference to children turning against parents and all that – well, we see that too in the OK Boomer push, the controllers of the Narrative feeding that down through kids in order to cast adults in a negative light to them.  The buggery issue is a main component of the Narrative.

As for me, this is from my post on the issue:

I had no issue with gays, as long as they kept it private and found a room. As long as they didn’t try to involve children, it was fine. They lived their lives, I lived mine.



Seems to me that even those tolerant of the perversion take a different view when confronted with lobbies like the LGHeeBeeGeeBee which are, essentially, identical in funding and tactics to the rest of the global left.

But the truth is that we are dying off and the young are inheriting the earth, twisted the majority of their heads and condemning the entire earth to chaos and lawlessness.  Let alone centralised control.

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