Dirk Gently

Could almost have titled this Life, the Universe and Everything.

If you’re tiring of Polly, feel I’m fixating on her more abstruse byways, then I’d refer you to the post on which Lord T commented, concerning multiple things going on at the same time.

Yes, Polly deals mainly, in that youtube, with the FLQ, a Canadian matter but in her look at their IRA style antics and those today of the whatever warriors trying to derail trains with total impunity, police doing nothing whatever as usual, she does have a point.  Cue Bader Meinhof and Obama’s favourite people – the Weathermen.

When she ties it in to Brockman and Epstein, we come back to the Russian Jew emigre and the post on Jewishness. And the press, always the deep capture press.

Moving on, either I misunderstood Vox Day or he’s lost his marbles, lost the plot:


… all the more so because of his supposed Christian convictions and that all important matter of choice and self-determination, if adult and it’s not about killing babies.

If what Vox was suggesting though was that one chooses between God or Mammon, ah … that’s a different matter. Trace the history of usury, Venice, the Templars, the modern banksters. Religious antecedents.

What Polly came out with near the end, and she can find a way to put things, was that post-war, the agenda was going to be Reds versus Capitalism, people aligned with one or the other, but what was not really seen was a third thrust, the ne’er-do-wells, the human flotsam, of Europe or as Buchan referred to it in 1915, the sewers of Europe.

Polly asks who this third group are – are they the remnants of the Nazis, are they this or that. Whatever, these Alinskies and Blavatskys, these Brzezinskis whom I call Them, stateless, rootless, unholy, they hid within other groups and first adopted, then twisted their causes.  She mentions the Jews and these people were big within the Jews, given Jewry a bad name.

Now they’re in the climate movement and while there’s nothing wrong with looking after your environment, this has nothing to do with that, this is hijacking a cause and using the bought media to push it for all it’s worth – panic, hysteria, hatred, they do the provocation, we do the reaction part.

The anarchist revolutionaries mentioned by Buchan, and the climate extremists today – same stormtroopers for Them.  Sutherland was one.  Call him an apostate Irish-Catholic, call him an apostate jew, it doesn’t matter – he was apostate human, that’s the key.  All of these are.  It’s fashionable to call them globalists now.

But the bottom line is not whatever cause they’re pushing, the bottom line is that these people are dedicated to destroying, creating a perma-Marx Stage 4 of slaughter, misery and the breaking down of every human institution.  Polly calls them narcissists.  If they are, they’re uber-narcissists because hate and destroy is everything.

You need any proof of that, look no further than the digging up of that Cambridge college lawn.  Under what circumstances can that possibly be saving the environment?  It’s the diametric opposite.

And Plod doing nothing at all, that is the chilling part.  Huge money, deep capture rule us.  Latest joke is to stop Liverpool taking the Premiership by declaring matches suspended, all back to square one, start over.

I’ve posted over and over that my own issues start in spring and we’re almost there. Interesting that this Corona thing has hit about the same time, everything back in the melting pot.  2020 was pencilled in pre-2000, they’re sticklers for a plan, aren’t they?

Polly mentioned this third lot are still hiding within other organisations, within NGOs, within Civil society, Common Purpose, whatever it is – there they are, in there, leading beyond authority.

Coz big money has been spent on them teaching them how to go about it.  The two official sides at loggerheads?  Rank amateurs.  Not a real clue.

Three more before I end – firstly, the push to snuff out the South:


Stilicho on this:

This is the same sorry excuse for a Commandant who insists that having female infantry officers is the Corps’ top priority. Disgusting. As any Marine can tell you, women can’t even function as real Marines, even in support roles. Sad day for my Corps.

I mean, why would you concern yourself with something which is of no concern to most northern Americans? Why would you go around tearing down statues? Why would this Commandant General waste his time doing this? There’s a definite stick, an edge, here and it’s a major motif of these flotsam place people – they have to zero in on something to destroy, to raze. They can’t just administer their charges. years ago, I did posts on the Pod People – that’s what we have here.

Second is the CCTV footage of the two girls laughing and joking, having walked into the clinic, about destroying their babies minutes from then? It went viral around the world. What has happened to the brains of these girls, to their souls?

Last one is something my Russian mate has been saying to me now for months – no snow in Russia, at least not in western Russia. You can google this for confirmation. Where does this leave climate change? At the same time in north America – heavy snow drifts and the media trying to make ice falling off bergs, as occurs each year, the melting of the poles.

Who knows what the Russkies have been doing, just checked China and plenty of snow there. Plenty in Scotland. So what gives in Russia?

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  1. March 1, 2020 at 23:19

    Climate change is a hoax. See the blog post I made after learning that George Soros gave the 16-year-old Swedish girl Greta billions of dollars to promote it. https://arlenejohnson.livejournal.com/2019/10/01

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