Drawing this together again

Much has been written, discard the tosh and we’re probably left with:

1. Svali circa 2000 and her statement that the agendas were meant to come to a head in 2020 and it’s interesting watching the theatre in the States just now as to how they’re going to achieve that.

2.  Let’s throw in the Z Man post again here:

This effort to co-opt dissident ideas and the energy from national populism can only have two possible outcomes. One possible outcome is the effort is destroyed on the rocks of political reality. Despite the quality of people inside the institutions, they have real power and they are not afraid to use it. In fact, they have shown themselves to be quite vicious. They take pleasure in cancelling people, so it is not unrealistic to think they will squash Hazony like a bug.

The other possibility is it washes away the current political order.

3.  Mention has been made of how to stop the Hong Kong rioting and all sorts of marching around the world – from Macron thugs to Antifa in still ‘civilised’ nations to the whole Chinese thing.  The completely OTT thing is:

a]  Embraced by the new crim loony followers like Grace Blakely, Wrong Daily etc. – the vanguard of the New Lawless who play by no rules or consensus.

This is the best version of Yuri yet and the kids, esp. the girl, are a revelation.


b]  Viewed with dismay by still normal people who know other times when the rule of law unevenly applied but still applied.  At least Them paid it lip service.

Polly gets to the crux in her opening remarks:

For the people of group B who do NOT think we are moving towards an era of brotherly love where everyone has everything free and everyone loves each other – people like Yuri, like you and me, like just a few kids such as Brittany, Blonde, Dancing Dove and so on – it is dismay and deep, deep anger. I would suggest it is behind the God Emperor support at these rallies – rallies eh? it was what 2016 was about.

It’s what Boris rode to power on but in his case, we know it’s BS. A leopard does not change its spots and he is May’s WA, modified by a backstop, plus a £20bn bridge, plus HS2 which no one wants, whilst the real issues are not addressed.  But he pretended he was Get Brexit Done and people fell for it.

They so desperately wanted it to be so.

In the States, that wall should be up by now.

Please look at the first minutes of Polly, about that road being blocked by protesters and the police could do NOTHING.  Someone above ordered them stood down.  Who?

How did he or she get into power?  Did people vote for the monster?  Why?

Now, present that Polly excerpt to those youngsters and see their reaction, in the light of the other things in this post.

Now perhaps go to The Matrix.  In the trailer I am NOT showing, what set the recovery off was a dyke kiss.  Go to the background of the directors – what they are about. Divert divert.  Ape the real thing and turn it, in a movie, into something twisted.


You’ve seen what I’ve written on it, look again at Watts Up:

I came down with a wicked, likely coronavirus (less runny nose, more sore throat and cough) cold last week and am still recovering at day nine. So was too sick to even think about a guest post until yesterday evening day 8. Finishing this draft today merely proves that I am finally recovering on day 9 and that it probably was a human common cold corona virus since the typical rhino duration is ‘only’ 5 days, not 9-10.

Now look at Distant Relative:

Sounds exactly like what we’ve had – from second week in December till end of January to be properly better i.e. no more coughing/choking fits and fatigue as a result of the former. Cough medicines recommended by the pharmacy made it worse and after the third week so did hot toddies 🙁 .

Yes, that’s exactly how it is for me right now, how it was for that guy in America, how it was for DR.  Almost carbon copy.  You can tell I’m not on about the virus itself, it’s about its ubiquity and homogeneity.


I was a practicing microbiologist in the early days of viri (that was the plural back then). Problem we had with deactivating them was everything we tried to kill them with, killed the host too, plant or animal. Even today, if you Google viruscide (a word not even in VdL’s spell checker I see) you see the search results are pretty sparse.

Now go back to the sensationalist post, plus Leggy’s:



Finally back to Polly and Yuri – the people in places of power can do these things and there is no one to stop them.  Clearly only something radical will change things.

I would suggest that enough kids seeing that Yuri video above would be a good start.  but it’s not just the kids, is it?  How many husbands of wives who have seen, how many wives of husbands who have seen, would pooh-pooh what is before their eyes?

You see the dilemma.

3 comments for “Drawing this together again

  1. JohnM de France
    February 12, 2020 at 14:48

    It looks as if there may be some ‘fun’ starting next Sunday and for the week. It would appear that XR will be truly rebelling. Will the Police stand-down?


  2. Bill
    February 12, 2020 at 19:32

    Just to let you know i’m still lurking about occassionally, I have no idea what this list of things is about other than you and DR have persistent cold or cold like infections.
    Here oi makes and takes me own rosehip syrup and rarely get colds. Not sure if the rosehips growing alongside a sweage treatment works are the ones doing the work or the ones growing in the teeth of nor’ westerlies and getting splashed with sea water and effluent are but summat within it is working and it tastes gorgeous.

  3. Brightside Bob
    February 12, 2020 at 21:27

    I thought the observation by the young lady, after watching the Yuri Bezmenov video, was very amusing(!?) – “Only 603 viewers, we are doomed!

    Yeeeees. Mission accomplished…

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