Emergency popcorn supplies running low!

1. Spectros


A group of teenagers gets unintentionally involved in a conflict between Japanese Shinto ghosts and Brazilian witchcraft.

2. Need those patches

When next seeking medical assistance, insist on personally confirming that all devices are current with their patches:


Researchers at healthcare cybersecurity company CyberMDX have learned that 45% of connected medical devices which run on Windows are vulnerable to the BlueKeep attack.

This is because they haven’t received the necessary patches to defend against the vulnerability and often use operating systems which are no longer supported by Microsoft, said the report.

At-risk connected devices that are exploited can result in dire consequences for hospitals and their patients, said CyberMDX.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t a ‘what if’ thought experiment around a worst-case scenario, but a real present-day predicament that we need to take more seriously,” VP of product at CyberMDX Ido Geffen told ZDNet.

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