Still Tuesday you know

16. What’s the word? Not iconoclast

Art is mostly fraud perpetrated by narcissistic academic quacks on a public easily gulled. They should be prosecuted. This is as true of literature as of painting and sculpture. If modern sculpture were placed in a junkyard, art critics couldn’t find it. Most of what we are told are great works are great works only because we are told that they are.

15.  We want one for N.O. office use

14. Coming back to that breakfast post

Chuckles was quite concerned that you not get the impression that’s the portion you’d get Chez Chuckles – this is more like it:

13.  Nice comment by Steven Winstone

Sometimes I feel sorry for Change UK, they were brave / protesting against Labour / for their political beliefs etc.

But then I remember Anna Soubry.  Then I don’t feel sorry for Change UK anymore.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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