The EU regulatory swamp

A lesson from the Somerset Levels

From Edward Spalton:

Why we have experienced so much flooding – and it’s not because of “climate change”.

This is a very full explanation by Dr Richard North, in my opinion the best informed independent commentator on matters concerning EU regulation.

Having grown up remembering the era of austerity and food rationing, I found it very odd that officialdom appeared to favour “wetlands” above productive, well-drained land.

Flooding has been increased, not by greater rainfall caused by “climate change” but by deliberate policy decisions, mostly made by the EU and enforced by our own authorities, cheered on by rabid environmental enthusiasts.

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  1. woodsy42
    February 24, 2020 at 07:55

    Virtually everything the ‘greenies’ do has consequences that make things worse.
    You have wood being defined as ‘sustainable’ for CO2 as trees regrow (in 100 years!) so Drax power staion now burns wood – vastly more particulate pollution, less efficiency and huge areas of ancient virgin forest in North America being cut down, chipped into pellets, and shipped to England.
    You have electric cars with enormous environmental damage to make the batteries, huge ‘carbon costs’ in their manufacture and marginal saving of ‘dirty’ fuels in their use – so over their lifetimes they are worse than a good hybrid.
    You have windfarms which also have enormous upfront energy costs, hundreds of tons of steel and concrete, polluting rare earth minerals in their generators, non-recyclable fibreglass blades and which require at least 15+ years to pay back their CO2 build costs just to harvest supposed ‘free’ energy – meantime old generators must be kept running for dark windless nights so two parallel generation systems are needed with huge stability problems in the grid system.
    There is a complete absence and deliberate ignorance of weather history in all greeny ideas – California floods and droughts are well documented in literature, as are Australian widfires, severe storms and floods etc, yet now it’s all the fault of climate change.
    But lots of well-off people and corporations are getting to be much better off, all paid for by ordinary consumers, by blaming climate change.

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