Them not seriously challenged as usual

If I keep coming back to Polly, even on her seemingly non-mainstream hitpieces, it’s her method, [almost] minus any sort of ego or hard sell, which impresses, plus she brings in things in from the side I know of, e.g. those Svali and others brought in in 2000.

So, on this one, night follows day that when she got into names, then yes, the whole spectre of the intergenerational damned would rise, people such as the Welds. And if Walpurga came up, it was no less than Svali clearly spelt out on the German connection, the Black Forest.

If you want some sort of notion of the harridan Great Mother, the Great Inversion of anything Holy – Barbara Bush in real life, Streep in the Manchurian – you see the image there, the female bloodline. Clinton. Everything on its head.

Polly keeps it within limits viewers will accept but there’s a different side to Walpurga – one of the two highest days for satanists. And another term which crops up all over the place is ‘communist’, another ‘German Jew’, another ‘Polish Jew’, another ‘lost tribes’, ‘Thule’, it just goes on.

For the utterly bewildered, the common thread through the whole damned thing [and I’m not swearing there] is that there is a demographic which is surely cursed on some higher plane – Alinsky, Benjamin, Marcuse et al – they’re in charge or in positions of high influence – Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski – always churned out by this demographic.

A sideways glance at Jeckyl Island in 1910, where the Fed was hatched, shows a German there taking charge of proceedings – Warburg. Check out that family. You see, we’re not talking anything hidden here nor mystic, it’s easily traced. In plain sight. The trouble always originates with these. Even the open border trouble with Islam stems from Them, they enabled it through the Uniparty, they openly courted these people in.

Now look at Johnson – night follows day.  Over and over, my friends who are/were Tory are expressing shock/disbelief that Johnson is taking the left Uniparty line – why on earth would he not?  He promised to betray – if they did not read the fine print, if I shouted it out for people to see – what more can I do?

This is NOT Brexit and he is going the same old route that May did, with added vanity projects, May had zero vision.

If people have zero sense of history, of arcane matters, if they have a mental block on all such things, then just how vulnerable are they?  All I can do is warn, I can do no more and for what, my warnings?

If you want to see the whole twisted mess tied up together, look at the Epstein Podesta Minerva blah blah – it’s irrelevant if mythology was real or not real – the bottom line is these people live it and have done since the dawn of time. These are the people making life decisions for such as you and me, right now, directed from above.

And as more than one sage has said at this site – you have to take care of your own family’s protection first, I would just include in that ‘spiritual protection’.  That’s about all I can suggest.

One last example of this cursed, lost demographic:

They bring desolation and misery, to bring everyone else in line with their own damnation.

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1 comment for “Them not seriously challenged as usual

  1. Distant Relative
    February 22, 2020 at 10:38

    From the American Conservative article:

    She admits that she was sexually abused, though not by anyone in her family, and concedes that she has “borderline personality disorder.”

    That sort of abuse and BPD often go together. The latter being the result of the former. So much can be read between the lines but I’ll leave it at that. Another lost soul.

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