4. John Donate, the TPA boss

… is right on so much of this:

.. but he makes the classic within-M25/southern mistake:

Despite what the BBC chairman seems to believe, the corporation urgently needs to accept reality and adapt to the 21st century.

It very much accepts reality – it is the premier flagship in the country against conservative values and it has zero intention of being defunded, its masters need its propaganda value.

End of.  But by all means contribute to this worthy cause of the TPA.

3. False prophets

To understand this one, you need to know that this group was one of the most Conservative Party groups going, though not officially.  I think they may have drifted Brexit Party at the election – the real battle was Tories [wets] versus conservatives [dries], of which I was among the Thatcher latter [more Tebbitt than Major], the Left nowhere, but there is a sense of disquiet over impending Boris betrayal … and just look at his actions – bleedin’ £20bn bridge, HS2 rammed through – priorities, priorities.

I have never stopped saying that Boris has NOT delivered Brexit in any sense which Leavers or Brexiteers understand.  Farage sold out his party.

2. Health report

Worse today because of incidents in the night, body’s trying to thaw out, have run out of food but there are two people – a friendly neighbour who is doing bits and bobs right now which should get me to the end of the virus on Monday.

There’s also a mate some distance away and he’s rightly stayed away, plus he’s full time employed and I think all over the countryside working. So the necessities of life here are taken care of, including lekky.  If we measure Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon as Day One, I’m now in Day Five of Nine.

1. Like a worn out record

… authorities and minions continue the same old spin:

What’s the purpose of telling us that?  Sells newpapers? People love to be outraged?  Why would the dead tree press bother?

It comes back to Polly’s summation in her video recently posted here.  There are of course the perps protected by law, the victims ignored.  The minions of the perps keep reversing it and saying things turned on their head.

Why?  As she says – it is to dismay those in the know, the real Woke, the genuine Woke, not the brainwashed.  The sheeple are so into themselves these days or leftist anyway and they are blithely oblivious.

The victims are of course hurt and no playing that down but the aim is to hit those who know what’s going on and there is absolutely nothing we can do.  Read the Bruges thing above and that’s it – most of you voted for a Boris with a big Brexit sign on his lectern.  And technically, he did announce it.

In reality, you see the Brexit was not done at all.  I voted Brexit party, not Tory.

Some of you have said to me – well it was that or Corbyn.  Yes, that’s how it was set up, true.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

4 comments for “Thursday

  1. dearieme
    February 13, 2020 at 12:11

    “Day Five of Nine”

    I saw an online thing the other day that suggested that colds caused by a rhinovirus last about five days, those caused by a coronavirus about nine.

    Whether that’s right I’ve no idea but if it is my recent cold has been a coronavirus one. Unfortunately it presumably offers no immunity from the Wuhan coronavirus.

    • February 13, 2020 at 12:45

      Well, let’s find out.

    • dearieme
      February 13, 2020 at 16:38

      I’ve just heard a chap O/L speculate that if your immune system has been tickled up by a virus it might extend some protection against other viruses.

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