My concession to the saccharine day for those still in the game, especially long term spouses, this day is for you:

During my time in Russia, they didn’t initially have a grip on what this ‘American’ ‘holy’ day was about but I’d say neither do the Americans and isn’t it German anyway?

The school where I taught was age 7 to 17 and while I taught the seniors, the little kids were also there, wanting to be part of the action.  So all sorts of decorations were up and they had a red-coloured cardboard mailbox in which anyone carrying a torch for someone put the Valentine in there – on the day, teachers took the boxes into a big room, tipped the contents out on the table and sorted them by class and of course, the kid with nothing coming to him or her – that teacher would make one, one of the few cases where methinks prizes for all was a good thing.

Those were the older style teachers with proper values.  Can’t help thinking that that approach to the day was the best I’d seen to that point.

And of course, a few came to oneself, not many but intriguing – mainly littlies but a few seniors in there and I suspect a couple of staff too.  In the streets, there was a general feeling of goodwill that day, a couple of girls might come up and plant a sloppy one on the cheek, and then in the evening, the real item began.

I could have written a long treatise on people no longer, not staying together etc. but I didn’t want to write it.  Not on this day.