When all else is lost …

… the traditional response is trust in the Lord but N2, once you’ve done that, is to make a comedic [sic] song about the whole thing, whatever the whole thing is at the time.

So I went searching [and retching], searching [and retching] and the first one which came up was sick – it was real footage of hazmat Chinese making sufferers dance. The rap numbers on youtube also weren’t good at all.

Then I found a gangnam karaoke and as the words were in Korean, it would do but then I got ill again and haven’t written it yet. That’s when I saw this girl and thought her attempt was nice:


Finally saw Kevin’s and thought hmmmm, probably can’t be beaten:

Memo to self – when using the traditional Russian and backwoodsman solution, there’s much science behind it:

… but possibly not with chapped lips.

3 comments for “When all else is lost …

  1. Andy5759
    February 13, 2020 at 21:54

    I’ve only just looked at the Dave Allen clip. Funnily enough I have considered mentioning that as alcohol is a preservative we ought to keep topped up. You sort of beat me to it.

    I do like the alternate words to Fly me to the Moon.

    Fly me to Kowloon
    To play among the Sars
    To see what Spring is like, on a Jupiter or Mers
    In other words, wash your hands
    In other words, don’t kiss me.

    The new official name for this virus is Covid19. To me that sounds a bit too much like bird flu, crows and magpies being corvids. Wouldn’t fancy eating them, I’ve seen what they eat. And it ain’t salad.

    Keep plugging away James. We’re a tough generation, made of nails.

  2. February 14, 2020 at 00:33

    Corvidmania – sounds delightful.

  3. February 14, 2020 at 06:56

    I thought the girl at the mic did better than the guy at the piano. But hey, what do I know. Laugh as you get in the tumbril.

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