Whom to believe [1]

The premise of this two parter is that it’s very difficult to decide who’s right and wrong ,… and on which bits.  For example, I received a piece so anti-British that it has to be from a rival to this land. What’s more, it’s partly wrong.

Then in came a comment so anti-Australian that it has to be from a rival to that land in turn.  We’re talking, in both cases, about well worn, historical battle lines. What’s more, it’s partly wrong.

I myself will not have a bar of feminazism and/or hard leftism for reasons readers are aware of.  Partly wrong?  How far can bias be wrong?  As Cortez in the States or Grace Whatsit [Iain Dale] showed – very.  Iain Dale?  There’ve been moments in the past, differences in emphasis. The people calling this now Brexit are wrong and it’s been shown why in posts here.

There’s a piece by the Saker which is so biased, so vehemently anti certain groups – groups I by and large support – that one wonders.  But because it talks about Russia, I’m in a position to know because I also read documents in Russian.  I’d say most of his readership are/were not.

Mymain mate over there might be Russian speaking but his roots are Ukrainian, his family.  So I’m getting that bias as well.

One issue is the language barrier and don’t lightly dismiss that – if you’re not reading in the original, you run a risk but not nearly the risk that some state it to be.

Then comes this below, via Rossa’s mother and all the red flags are showing, all the alarm bells.  The authorities quoted are EU courts and the UN, neither of which I would trust an inch, nor their emissaries.  Pure Them.



On the other hand, Assange did expose the swamp in the States and the Donald is locked into battle there, backed by the military.  Which is why Schumer chose the Vinkmann dismissal as an example of Trump ‘not caring about servicemen’ – people like Schumer are vipers.

Yet if Schumer had something real and used it, then one could think weeellllll, maybe on this point or that.

So it’s not just whom to believe but on which issues, in conjunction with which current push?  Now one needs either a very good memory or else a very good archiving system, to be able to bring things out of storage on call. There are long passed snippets are there not?  You can’t remember the fine detail but you know you saw it – that sort of thing.

The question of anti-Jewishness is an all-consuming one.  If you point to Marx, Lenin, Trostsky, Herzel, Marcuse, Benjamin, Alinsky, to the Supreme Court in Israel, to the Jews of Jesus’s time – the Pharisees and Sadducees, to those of Noah’s time, to those of Moses’s time, I’d agree with you – even the Good Lord abandoned that lot in their apostasy.  Let alone the splitting of the tribes.

Exactly which Jews are we referring to?  Ditto with Catholics.  Are we speaking of the IRA and Sinn Fein, of the Catholic priesthood?  Or of the ordinary Irish and what of US Catholics such as Brittany Selner?  What of Amfortas, who is a Catholic knight?  Every single one of everyone above comes at you with an angle, every single person has an angle, a hobbyhorse and a prejudice, justified or not.

With the Zero Hedge and the other source, Republik, what do you know of the latter?

Unsere Crew ist Ihr persönliches Expeditionsteam in die Wirklichkeit. Wir arbeiten uns durch den Staub der Welt, trennen Wichtiges von Unwichtigem – und liefern Ihnen in der verworrenen Gegenwart die bestmögliche Übersicht. Doch die Republik ist mehr als Ihre Redaktion. Vom Community-Team über die Marketing-Expertinnen bis zum Erste-Hilfe-Team.

Even were you to know German or could use a Google translator, it still gets you no further. Here’s a key paragraph:

Switzerland is successful when liberals and leftists, progressives and conservatives struggle together for solutions. That is why the Republic is not politically determined, but by no means neutral.

In this situation – a webpage using the single column I deeply distrust because it means either BS or waffling or both, also if there seems to be a slick presentation and money behind it – doubly suspicious.  Also Confederation Helvetica is suspicious in itself.

Yet the message in this piece is pro-Assange, anti his rape conviction.  And the reason I can believe it is in Brennan, Comey, Strzok, Clinton – the depraved vipers of the cabal, which includes the Bushes and Kerry.

If you consider it was these people who conspired, in the Ukraine, with the usurpers, along with NATO – and remember I was from the Russian side on that, reading in Russian, privy to Russian output – then one learned of the fascist background to the Ukraine which comes up in part two of this post.

Coming back to our readers here, you can trust certain people to a point, e.g. me on anything anti-swamp, especially anti trans things and anti full term abortion – not an issue. I’ll support the scripture of the gospels.   But can you trust me on Russia and the US?  My loyalty is divided and is primarily here in England and in Australia to a point. Salvini is an ally of us, to a lesser extent Le Pen, Orban half and half.

But even in this land, home of the ‘illumined’ Crowley, of the Scottish Rite, of various other bodies in London, e.g. Tavistock, one can’t say that they’re allies along national lines, no way known. What of Blair?  Brown is Fabian.  The original logo or coat of arms of the Fabians was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

End of this part.

5 comments for “Whom to believe [1]

  1. dearieme
    February 9, 2020 at 23:32

    Me, I’d let Assange go. His time in the Ecuadorian embassy is punishment enough for jumping bail. The Swedish rape accusations were obs bollocks from the off.

    Who would then protect him from US assassins is a different matter.

    I’m not exactly clear what he has done that explains the extraordinary animus against him. Or are They trying to shut him up before he reveals more? God knows.

    • Andy5759
      February 9, 2020 at 23:53

      Assange still has some stuff to reveal. I do hope that we are busily negotiating with him to get some of the stuff which might be helpful to us. Maybe something useful to DJT and therefore useful to us in future dealings. All in return for protecting him from Arkancide. I’m assuming that we still have him banged up somewhere.

      James, you mentioned Helvetica. The devil’s own fount. When I was dabbling in typography I first thought it elegant in its simplicity. After traveling through Europe literally and vicariously on the internet I saw the ugliness of art and architecture. From that day on I vowed to only specify Helvetica and its variants when ordered to do so.

      Keep warm, keep dry, keep the Faith.

  2. Distant Relative
    February 10, 2020 at 09:25

    Assange needs to be in protective custody till he spills the beans on the DNC servers/Clinton emails/ and Seth Rich and by extension SR’s murder. I would hope the good guys are taking care of him but anything could happen.




    Join the dots. How to destroy countries from the inside 101.

    Its about time you stopped hogging that lurgy, Mr H! Put your feet up and apply TLC at regular intervals. 😉

  3. FoS
    February 10, 2020 at 09:48

    Re the Swiss site Republik, here’s some background for you all.


    I’d never heard of this outfit, so a bit of digging was in order.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. February 10, 2020 at 10:22

    All read, cheers.

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