At least it’s a break from Cv news

It’s just about world organisation corruption:

Since the coronavirus has become a global pandemic, halting the world’s economy in its tracks, Adhanom has taken it upon himself to repeat Chinese state talking points about shifting blame for their own role in the spread of the virus:

‘When fighting an outbreak such as #COVID19, we must be guided by solidarity, not stigma. The greatest enemy we face is not the virus itself; it’s the stigma that turns us against each other. We must stop stigma and hate!’

This has been a familiar refrain from the Chinese state, whose government which runs forced labor and concentration camps. China repeatedly eludes scrutiny by the not only the head of WHO but sectors of the American media as well.

Since his appointment as head of the WHO in 2017, with the full backing of China and its vast financial resources, Adhanom has come under fire for his role in covering up multiple cholera epidemics in Ethiopia.

Shortly after his appointment as WHO D-G, Adhanom bestowed the honor of Goodwill Ambassador on late Zimbabwean president and tyrant Robert Mugabe. It was only after a deluge of outrage from human rights groups and WHO members that Adhanom withdrew the honor.

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1 comment for “At least it’s a break from Cv news

  1. The Jannie
    March 26, 2020 at 09:34

    So the WHO has parallels with the EUSSR . . . and the UN . . . and the World Bank and . . .? Whodathunkit . . .

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