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A bit of doom and gloom to brightly start the week. Plan today is to put the various omens and counter-omens below, throw in all I could find or which has been sent at the point of writing on Sunday. Then comes a post on Concorde [with doom], then my take on it all at 11 a.m. which you might like to skip over, then a Matinee movie from the 50s [and doom], then Monday as usual with the various subheadings. Maybe some sort of quiz at the end if I’ve still the energy.

Let’s throw a few things in here, starting with Rossa’s mother:

Past the opening half, which pretty well says what many have concluded, are many links and interesting things such as r and K and one wonders about things like this:

Worker in a Chinese crematorium claimed to have received 127 bodies in one day, burnt 126 of them, and only 8 were ‘confirmed’ coronavirus, but 48 were suspected coronavirus (and not officially counted).

And this:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo admits to a stockpile of thousands of unused ventilators.

There’s an account of what it can do to you, Cv, shan’t post that, it’s further down that page. However, there is this account by an MD:

On top of the lorry load of medical supplies destined for UK they helped themselves to:

There’s Hitchens at the Wail:

It’s all the Christians’ fault [via Chuckles]:

Many links here:


South Africa uses water cannon and rubber bullets to enforce lockdown

Nice song to go with it.

Finally, N.O. staff were wondering – does anyone know if we can shower yet, or whether just keep washing our hands?

Think that just about covers it for now.

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