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There was a girl who wanted me to be her rukovoditel for her dissertation, meaning I was to personally work with her over six months to try to get her through with flying colours – that was part of the job.

This one had a reputation as a tallish prissy-missy, turned the nose up at anything not just-so, she was what some might call a blonde babe but was also so much more. From the start, she was fast, incisive, cut to the chase, did not suffer fools gladly and in my estimation, was several levels above me for sheer intellect. In a girl, that doesn’t always translate into performance but in her case, it did – she was something else, quite devastating.

In my early 20s, a girl of about 29 asked me to join her two friends and her [in Oz this time] for a trip to Queensland and I thought why not. We’d brought squash racquets of all things and in my games with the one who’d invited me, I tried to play it down – she was tired from all the driving etc. etc., she was a good player.

Which was interpreted by her feminist friend, looking on from behind and above, as patronising and so said friend challenged me to a game. You know the result, don’t you – hit me all over the court. Justice had been done.

In my boarding house days, I went into the senior recreation room and was challenged to a pool game by a gal of questionable morals, intellect and games ability. I’d beaten, at various times, the 22 year old Chinese boy champion and the deputy head with the Mephistophelian goatee, a hard nut and gruff with it, who was supposedly unbeatable.

So, back to Heidi [who once threw up in the back seat of my car] and you know the result, don’t you?  Whipped, played off the table I was.

i played a girl at Backgammon – she was 8 years old and killed me at it. Two games in a row.

The point is that I’m usually a bit circumspect now about putting the female down, having had some embarrassing experiences over the years.  At this blog, there was some female race driver mentioned – she crashed and killed a spectator trying just that bit too hard and the reader was miffed at my attitude, the same attitude I have towards Hultgreen, which this chap uses to describe the ascendancy of Yellen to the Fed:

Based on what I can see, Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome might best be summarised as “a cognitive impairment disorder which results in the victim assigning undue importance and privilege to a woman in any given field of professional, scientific, academic, or martial excellence simply because she is a woman”.

I’ve written on that before, that I disagree with the inclusion of Madame Curie in that syndrome and yet there was similar with Hedy Lamarr:

… in the sense that she certainly had many ideas and in those days, it was difficult to get backing for them if a woman, but Howard Hughes latched onto her, she sold her virtue for backing for her projects and then came the big one she’s remembered for:

She contacted her friend, composer and pianist George Antheil, to help her develop a device for [a frequency-hopping signal to prevent jamming of signals to torpedoes], and he succeeded by synchronizing a miniaturized player-piano mechanism with radio signals.

I’m not sure of the tone of my previous post on her but I need to set the record straight that Ms Lamarr was a born tinkerer, she certainly had ideas aplenty, many which worked and she was part of a team which got the job done.

Kudos to a clever gal.

However … the emerging elite feminazi, socialist, globalist Wokeness wanted it that she herself had done all this with a bit of help, the ‘help’ always played down.  I’m not sure she’d even have wanted that.

Similar was this story:

The more you read of that, from many sources, the more you see that those ladies actually were key people in the space missions and Katherine Johnson’s calculations in particular were vital – she deserves her kudos.

However, cue the feminazis, backed by Them, who have to come in and ruin it, making out that the mission could never have been without her.  She more than anyone would wish to be seen as a major player in a crack team, not as some egomaniac fighting for Women.

Maybe she was fighting, at that point, for black recognition – point is, it hardly matters because she was good enough in her own right.

Which is different to that racing driver, plus Dana Patrick, plus Hultgreen, plus, unfortunately, Amelia Earhart, who played it for all it was worth that she could do anything, she was quite arrogant in her manner … and she simply could not do what she took on.

Another who springs to mind is the Terminator in Terminator 3, a horse’s backside if ever there was one – I read an interview and all she could go on about was the feminazism.  Yawn.

There’s a phenomenon comes into it when her cause is taken up and trumpeted as the triumph of women over men – people [both men and women] who would have acknowledged a talented woman’s achievements in her own right, now play it down or skip over it once the machine makes her out to be way more than she is.

Earhart is one who really annoys because not only did she play down the team, she wanted it all her own way.

By way of contrast, this lady below was, in her own right, not with anyone else’s help, a virtuoso session muso, mainly on bass:

Story here:

She played and even invented riffs on some of the major songs of the sixties [watch the youtube] and deserves to be recognised for that in her own right as a person, not as a woman.

My beef is twofold – firstly when third parties such as the whole Woke loonery, female plus Woke male, leap onto this or that woman’s story, elevating her way above where she actually was … and secondly, when she starts believing the sycophancy to the point she places others in danger.

The Florida Bridge and the Norwegian ship, plus the Fitzgerald demonstrate it, Hultgreen is the one whose name is lent to the syndrome and when it gets into senior officers in the armed forces pushing this pap, then people are going to be killed.

Let me zero in on this more exactly. A Carol Kaye has the ability, night then follows day, her talent gets her the work.

On the other hand – remember Christie O in Confessions of a GI Jane – so many are turned into superwomen by the Machine and as Christie pointed out – they simply aren’t Lara Crofts – only in their dreams. And they endanger everyone.

Of course there are male equivalents, there are Walter Mittys, but there’s far less premium on a man doing well – he just does or he doesn’t; if he’s competing, e.g. in sport, then it’s against other men.

I pointed out yesterday to a mate that I am no longer capable, since 2017, of completing that boat alone, I can with someone else doing the heavy physical, whilst I measure, drill and screw in, get on one end of a plank. And the simplified and beefed up design helps too. Fortunately, such help is available and he can do the sawing.

Carol Kaye was quoted as finding a place for herself inside a song team and adding her bit. I’d say she did far more than that and because she did it right, I for one will sing her praises.

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  1. Chuckles
    March 15, 2020 at 13:20

    A key aspect of H-C syndrome is the tendency of the sufferers to remove themselves from this mortal plane while performing the activity for which they have been lauded.

    • Mark Matis
      March 15, 2020 at 19:58

      A particularly inspired form of the Darwin awards, eh? But when they instead Darwin somebody else, as with the Florida Bimbo Bridge, well…

    • March 16, 2020 at 04:27

      How to stop it?

  2. March 15, 2020 at 20:28

    Kaye was part of the Wrecking Crew.
    Highly recommend the documentary:

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