Haydn – what a surprise

Just a negative note about youtubes today, I mentioned this to a friend yesterday. No one likes the sight of pretty ladies more than your humble blogger and many a cameraman has subtly held the angle just that little bit to long, to the objection of no men I know.

This above, scrolling through it, is still the right side of the line but lately I’ve been noticing some really gauche camerawork where he [obviously a he] couldn’t have made it more obvious.  This is the blogger writing this who ran Wimmin on Bicycles but I’d argue that that is up front, you knew what you were getting.

Call me gay or call me someone who might have grown up a little but I just find that distracting these days – I’d like to see the whole orchestra or ensemble please. Am I out of order in that thought?

2 comments for “Haydn – what a surprise

  1. Andy5759
    March 31, 2020 at 18:47

    It worked in Benny Hill sketches and sometimes during World Cup matches but not in the context of serious art.

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