Impunity and excessive force on soft targets

I noticed it in particular under Labour with the ‘wheely-bin’ crime where people would put their bins even slightly out of line or on the wrong day or something else and were clobbered for it – way out of proportion for the ‘crime’.

There was Brown’s RIPA, criminalising new offences – thousands of them.

Why?  Because there was a new organisation out of the ODPM called Common Purpose and once they’d infiltrated council offices, their modus operandi was to ignore real crime and clobber the least able to defend themselves and most likely to be innocent.

An example was Myleene Klass.  Some yobs jumped her back fence and made to attack her, she pulled a knife and waved it at them, she was taken by Plod and cautioned whilst the yobs got clean away with it.

The musician was alone in her kitchen, with her two-year-old daughter asleep upstairs, when she grabbed the knife and shouted ‘I’m calling the police’.

Officers who arrived at her house in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, on Friday warned her that it was illegal to carry an ‘offensive weapon’ even at home.

These sorts of incidents were the more publicly noted and of course there was Cressida Dick’s allowing the Brazilian electrician to be murdered.  At that time, there weren’t all that many incidents but they did mushroom after that and then Dick was appointed police head honcho.

We saw attempts to start up Citizen’s Juries run by CP and we’ve seen enough around the web about all that.

At that time I remember thinking to myself that not only were things turned on their head but there was real excess in police responses. It reminded me of Abu Ghraib, which could only happen through either directive or a blind eye from above.  From Manchurian Candidate’s opener to the way anyone even associated in any way with Tommy Robinson was given GBH by Plod, even thrown in prison on spec – the whole thing is about exceeding authority.  Leading beyond authority.

And it’s that combination of utter disdain for the indigenous here, the law [they invent much of it on the run] and the way the soft are targetted but the organised, such as the Muslims, are left entirely untouched is what we’re seeing now all the time.

I’ve had some reports through here today about what’s going on out there at the moment, that they are like predators just now, Plod, lying in wait and then hitting with full fore, throwing the book at whomever the poor sod is, such that David Davis today had to warn them to reel it in a bit.

Pointless because he’s not the one giving the orders – it’s whoever is controlling Boris and Cressida Dick, plus other police chiefs, plus these newish police tsars whatever they’re called.

But of course, it’s not just the new look police force, the new thuggish type, there are other things going on approaching sheer insanity.

This is exactly the sort of thing Saruman did when laying waste to Hobbiton – the big village tree was first down.  There really are common motifs stretching right back.

And naturally, the country is being systematically left unprepared and undefended – see Harrier jets scrapped.

So unprepared in fact that this is always going to be a possibility – two pronged attack – the Muslim world, plus the Chinese.

Or Them, the deep US state, whatever.  Knife through melted butter.

Today, I saw some of the hospitals being watched and filmed, near empty, no queues of people two yards apart, in masks.  No one.  There’s something quite wrong with the whole thing.

ASDA put an order out that no children were allowed inside – this does not surprise after that verbal attack on me some Monday’s ago, out of order on every count.  I posted on Morrisons too – the mania of the upstairs honchos coming down trying to get fear and loathing going, pushing people around, when the regular staff were quite benign and getting along with customers just fine.

All of this is coming from above, all of it.  There is most certainly an agenda and it’s not nice.

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3 comments for “Impunity and excessive force on soft targets

  1. The Underdoug
    April 1, 2020 at 07:33

    And a potential early intervention treatment (chloroquine) is not being discussed anywhere in the UK broadcast media (except to deride Trump).

    Stay healthy, sane and safe.

    • April 1, 2020 at 08:48

      It’s insane the way they’re acting. You stay safe too, in fact all our readers.

  2. Distant Relative
    April 1, 2020 at 14:50

    Would it be very wrong of us to pray for the downfall of Dick of Dock Green?

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