Just who is in on all this?

There’s quite a mood at the moment worldwide … at least in the west … and one wonders just how far people are fed up with the sort of c**p Julia is railing against here and conversely, just how far the dutiful are buying it and really believe in it … I mean beyond indoctrinated students:

I mean, look at this one:


Racist crosswords now to add to the other loonery. Where do these people find the time? Unemployed and on benefits?

Or this one for example:

‘The Consequences of Structural Whiteness are Fatal’ A famous medical journal succumbs to radical politics.

Parents writing tuition checks may cling to a hope that the political radicalism of modern academia is largely concentrated in soft majors invented to highlight various grievances. But a new story from one of the world’s best known medical journals confirms that no area of scholarly inquiry is safe.

I mean – that appears in the WSJ, one of the main couriers of Wokeness in the MSM today? What’s happening? I get the faintest of suspicions that the entire thing is one gi-normous piece of theatre but to believe that, you have to believe there is some conspiracy going on.

Just how far the pushback has got is hard to judge but this lady, though adept at socmed, is hardly likely to be looking at Corey’s Digs and yet here she is posting this:

My takeaway from that is not so much what it says, which we and others have been blogging on, but that it has gone more mainstream – there were only a few blogs touching the things in Corey’s Digs and Polly’s vids, but now it seems to be seeping through.

That photo, of course, is a reference to the pushback on Hollywood we ran as well but I never expected more than a few readerships would see it and of those, a fair percentage would still be in that river in Egypt. It takes a lot for some people to wake up and see what is happening but maybe it is finally getting through.

And speaking of Polly, here’s her latest:

The takeaway from this one is that Pence, that Byrx woman and that little man are very much involved in the fraud but not the one the impeachment or Mueller were trying to pin on Numero Uno. It’s the people behind the scenes who are into the corruption. Don’t wish to defame Pence when he might just be a naive, love-everyone Christian, but there is no doubt those other two are right in on it.


Ambassador Marie Louise “Masha” Yovanovitch, sacked by the Donald and then suddenly appearing at the impeachment trial against him was shown by Polly to be in collusion with Byrx who was at a meeting to discuss siphoning off aid to political projects. And yet she stands up at the Donald’s podium and makes a speech on Cv?

Let me repeat that in a slightly different way – Deborah Byrx  [the one standing on that podium behind Trump] in January 2019 gave Marie Yovanovitch $30m of American taxpayers’ money for siphoning off to Soros slush funds under the umbrella ‘Civil society’ in the Ukraine, nothing whatever to do with relieving HIV AIDS.

And she gets up, with Trump standing to one side, and gives a speech about fighting Cv.

And tied in is this:

Now either the Donald is in on all this or else he’s just going along with it for now … bring on The Storm in the next few weeks.  If the former and he’s in on the whole thing, then we have quite a situation on our hands, as humanity.

Because we see that an undetermined percentage of people are waking up to how they’re being played, whilst all major decision making organs are in the hands of Them.

You can point back to thousands of posts passim here and say it’s a disingenuous question because of course Them control all organs, all key offices – yes but we were not speaking of swinging into action before, just of undermining.  This now looks very much what Svali spoke of in 2000 and those doing it, though their acolytes are legion, are themselves a small 1 to 2 percent of the global population.  They’ve each been named many times before.



Relief package set to go through the Senate, controlled by the GOP, Pelosi flies in and suddenly the result is tied in the Senate.  So which GOP ratted on it?  And what of the people not now receiving any of this?

How can that one woman wield that power simply as a Speaker of a House? And what are just under half of Americans doing? Supporting the cow!



Meanwhile, over here:

‘You are NOT alone’: Government unveils unprecedented aid packages of food and medicine will be delivered to 1.5 MILLION vulnerable Britons as letters are posted ordering them to stay at home for 12 weeks

I’ll look out for mine and shall post some of it when/if it comes.


Stay away #covidiots! Tourist hotspots beg people not to visit amid coronavirus outbreak… but crowds STILL flock to parks and beaches despite demand to stop all ‘non essential’ travel


Those who think things are just going to be rosy and all will be well, bless them, put out memes such as this below. Rossa’s mother is quite taken with this one and who’s to say but her optimism might be right:

It was March 2020 …

The streets were empty, the shops closed, people couldn’t get out. But spring did not know, and the flowers began to bloom, the sun shone, the birds sang, the swallows would soon arrive, the sky was blue, the morning arrived early.

It was March 2020 …

Young people had to study online, and find occupations at home, people could no longer go shopping, or go to the hairdresser. Soon there would be no more room in hospitals, and people continued to get sick. But spring did not know, the time to go to the garden arrived, the grass greened.

It was March 2020 …

People have been put in lockdown. to protect grandparents, families and
children. No more meetings or meals, family celebrations. The fear became real and the days were therefore similar. But spring did not know, apples, cherry trees and others bloomed, the leaves grew.

People started reading, playing with their families, learning a language, singing on the balcony inviting neighbours to do the same, being supportive and focusing on other values.

People realised the importance of health, of suffering, of this world that had stopped, of the economy that has plummeted. But spring didn’t know. the flowers gave way to the fruit, the birds made their nest, the swallows had arrived.

Then the day of liberation came, people found out on TV, the virus had lost, people took to the streets, sang, cried, kissed their neighbours, without masks or gloves.

And that’s when summer came, because spring didn’t know. He continued to
be there despite everything, despite the virus, fear and death. Because
spring didn’t know, he taught people the power of life.

Everything’s gonna be fine, stay home, protect yourself, and enjoy life.

2 comments for “Just who is in on all this?

  1. Distant Relative
    March 23, 2020 at 13:02

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgGGd1USKzo worth a listen from 3.28 onwards, imho. Related to the link I left y/day re Hollywierdos Hanx and Madonna, Ellen Degenerate et al. Other stuff of relevance to current situ too.

    Re Trump’s new preacher woman. I am somewhat concerned about her appearance on the scene. I hope that Trump is using the enemy’s momentum against them – keeping his enemies closer. If not…..

    Prospect of staying at home for 12 weeks? Good luck with that Bodger Johnson! Kids off school till September and have to stay at home? Ditto.

    Would be good if this self-isolation was a cover for all the paedo pervs and other evildoers being rounded up and dealt with permanently. Hope springs eternal.

    • March 23, 2020 at 20:13

      We’ll find out twenty minutes from now.

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