Mission accomplished

Did I say late afternoon? It was all quite quick really, the stars augured well:

… or was it the Lord above?

Took a car up to the hospital and on the way, there was almost no traffic, wonderful, love this Cv.  Driver told me that no one was allowed in but you had to stand in lines back to the main road, two metres apart and the girl would come out and go through your details and needs.

Don’t we all love queuing every chance we can get?

Well, as my meds were repeats, already due, it was a piece of cake. Now she was standing quite close to me – half a metre – and then a second lass did the same and took me inside so who knows what they were trying to prevent?

Don’t think anyone knows.

However, it was lovely out in the Vitamin D and who should turn up but my mate’s daughter who is now the Big Kahuna in that family, we had a nice chat and she took me to the supermart. I advised her what to do when hubby or even dad came home later:

Here’s part of the haul – that ham, carved while there, is the best and the chicken probably will be, had bangers and mash for lunch with my new masher niblick:

So a well fed chappy is a happy chappy and here I am – Rossa’s mother recommends this:


Needs the sheet music as well, as the commenter said.

Onto other things and I’ve been caught out.  You know that altercation with that store and I did not name it – well someone tumbled to it immediately and they have lost my custom – the store that is – which was a reasonable amount each week, even in employed people’s terms.

There was something quite uncivilised about that place but this one I was at today is at the British end of town and it’s the older brigade, more genteel, everyone quite lovely about everything – very nice indeed.  Everyone laughing about the Cv but I shouldn’t laugh too soon – let’s see what happens this evening.

Meanwhile, Mike has a post up on it all:


Righty ho then, chaps and chapesses, that’s my tale of the 50 shades of Cv, have a lovely afternoon and get outside if you can.  As the plan now is to have a snooze, next post will most likely be some music at 18:00.

Or so.

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