Prepare all the same

The first thing to understand in anything worthwhile being discovered or uncovered is that the person is going to have a grating manner, at least at times and in some ways – Alex Jones, Katie Hopkins, the Donald himself, all the little pundits who latch onto things from sources and collate [sic] them.

Polly’s most annoying habit, to me, is following the text on screen with a huge cursor, as if we’re incapable of following what she’s reading to us. I’m going to comment at her youtube channel about it. Yet if you manage to wade through it, it’s quality copy she’s presenting.

You can see her video either at youtube or at OoL.

What comes out of it is this Deborah Birx who shares the podium with the Donald and Mike Pence, the Christian. She and Pence are part of an organisation called Global Fund and for the fine terminology on this, you’d need to follow the youtube through. Check out the screenshots at OoL for the general idea.

Now look at this [click screenshot and again until it embiggens, same with the other two]:

Birx [if you listen, she’s pure Them aparatchitza], Pence, some others, fund Global Fund, even post-Obama, with taxpayer funds, this is under the supervision of Gates and others. If you look at the address of the letter, you’ll see the name Council on Foreign Relations [posts passim here]. The fund is under the oversight of the UNDP but as you can see, the GF is not able to audit how that oversight is carried out.

Now WHO.  This below does not link to FB direct, I’d advise never to go in there [posts passim] – it links to a stand alone page:

Polly herself asks how on earth do people such as Birx manage to consistently appoint bad ‘uns to overseer things, carry things out?  They never appoint those who would call them out.

Where is the Donald in all this?  In thrall to the military apex of course but there may be quid pro quo with the other power centres.  He may actually be innocent, he may know but needs to stay alive at this time – let’s leave that and look to Pence and Haley.

The difference between the two is that Haley is shaping up for a run at the top job in 2024 and Pence is a born again Christian VP.  Whilst his hobnobbing with people such as Bush, Kerry [both Skull & Bones], Gates, Ryan is a deep concern because a real Christian in the know would never sup with the known devil, plus the man has eyes – sees what Ryan is doing to Fox for example, it may be that he’s naive – Christians often are in the temporal world.  it might even be so with Welby over here but I’d say not with Bergoglio.

The bottom line is there is an ongoing policy of perma-virus of some form or another, a huge money-spinner and an unsurpassed means of population control and diminishment, using vaccines, for example, to enhance ID [see video] through thumbprint, plus middlemen and those at the top are taking their cut of public funds.

The virus itself and implications for action

Wolfie has sent this outline of how to proceed, Ubermouth has also sent an interesting one in comments – do read it. Again, set aside the manner and concentrate on the content.  Same with my output.

If we choose to fight hard, the fight will be sudden, then gradual.
We will be locked in for weeks, not months.
Then, we will get more and more freedoms back.
It might not be back to normal immediately.

I’m afraid I’m far more cynical than as a Christian and this in itself is a series of posts I couldn’t be bothered writing – suffice it to say that our type tend to disbelieve anything temporal first and later concede certain things which are Caesar’s.

I came into blogging because of a realisation, whilst exploring in my first days online and finding that the US had zero intention of leaving Iraq – the 1000 points of light, Abu Ghraib, Manchurian.  Fast fwd and Them, not only judging by the post at OoL and the preface to this above, has zero intention of stopping with the perma-crises.  Crises protect the guilty and offer containment of and control of populations.

A few things to note:

Spain, Germany, France and the US all have more cases than Italy when it ordered the lockdown

An additional 16 countries have more cases today than Hubei when it went under lockdown: Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Czechia, Brazil and Qatar have more than Hubei but below 1,000 cases. Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark all have above 1,000 cases.

Do you notice something weird about this list of countries? Outside of China and Iran, which have suffered massive, undeniable outbreaks, and Brazil and Malaysia, every single country in this list is among the wealthiest in the world.

A key point the writer makes is just how far this thing is going to spread, how real is it?

So what’s the catch? With all these numbers, it’s easy to get confused. But there’s only two numbers that matter: What share of people will catch the virus and fall sick, and what share of them will die.

If only 25% are sick (because the others have the virus but don’t have symptoms so aren’t counted as cases), and the fatality rate is 0.6% instead of 4%, you end up with 500k deaths in the US. Still massive. But 20 times less than above.

The fatality rate is crucial, so let’s understand it better. What really causes the coronavirus deaths?

Now this:

If 5% of your cases require intensive care and you can’t provide it, most of those people die. As simple as that.

Additionally, recent data suggests that US cases are more severe than in China. I wish that was it, but it isn’t.

These numbers only show people dying from coronavirus. But what happens if all your healthcare system is collapsed by coronavirus patients? Others also die from other ailments.

What happens if you have a heart attack but the ambulance takes 50 minutes to come instead of 8 (too many coronavirus cases) and once you arrive, there’s no ICU and no doctor available? You die.

I don’t wish to reprint the entire article, the link is above, but I’d suggest you look again at Ubermouth’s comment which I’ll reprint here for when it disappears off the front page:

People need to eat differently,buying raw ingredients to make themselves…..and go vegan.

For any type of cooking that requires eggs one can use flax/chia seed.One should make their own bread and buy lots of seeds to sprout and grow microgreens and then stock up on grains,grasses,groats and dried beans and legumes.Sprouts and microgreens are more nutritious than their mature counterparts.

One can make their own loo roll by turning unwanted paper around the house into pulp and then making thin paper.It can be made into bricks for the fireplace,too. One can also cut up scraps of cloth for reusable number one.

Then there is foraging….stinging nettles and dandelion leaves are nutritious af as are other weeds and forest edibles( and leaves for loo role,too( though,not stinging nettle,lol)…dandelion can be eaten from root to top….roots make coffee,stems tea, eat leaves and flowers for incredible vitamin boost.

Then certain foods(like onions,garlic,celery,lettuce) can continue to be regrown from their bottoms in your window.

Most veg leaves that we throw away( beets,radishes etc) are 10 times more nutritious than the actual plant.I juice mine.

Vegans will out live all you bacon eaters…who’s laffin’ now? Lol.

Ok, I do not do this, I am pointing out it is a viable solution.

All you have to do is go to newsagent and ask for old newspapers.Cut/shred them.Add water,soak for a bit and blend to a pulp( in blender).

Then with homemade deckle( you can use two cheap picture frames and staple mesh screening to one)scoop up pulp in thin layer,sponge excess water and(no joke) stick on window to dry.You could also dry it on counter top but that would take longer. For added softness I would break up the fibers by scrunching it,repeatedly.

Also,you could go to pound shop and buy cheap coffee filters,which would work. Instead of bread one can make tortilla wraps with corn meal and water( could even double as loo roll in a pinch-bonus it would be warm,too!)

Finally for this post

We’re assuming we’re coming out of it. There are two types of people in this sense – those immersed in the economic cycle of cycles where everything normalises after some time … and the more inexorable apocalyptic mindset of the real Christian, who tends to know who the enemy are very quickly, and who are the naive.

But even in their scripture lies a warning – that the latter day scribes and prophets are actually playing for the other side, such that they could fool the very elect.  The two views of events do not synchronise, slot into one homogeneous world view – they clash.

And my question is – why would they not be bad’uns, the RINOs and CINOs, the supposedly born-again Christians?  If there is someone [e.g. a CP honcho] who must have control to push an agenda fwd, do you really think that niceties such as godliness are going to be of the remotest interest, except as an influencer of swathes of people?  Bless you, my child, as I walk out to my Roller and head for the Lear jet.

My feeling is that this will get much worse before it gets better and I do not mean just the virus, I mean all the other collapses going on of already white-anted institutions [long march] – as in Finland, the collapse will come quickly.  There is great incentive for Them to keep this rolling along, then roll it into the next one.

One especially significant date is the end of the financial year.

Again – don’t panic, just prepare.

View from the left wing:

11 comments for “Prepare all the same

  1. March 20, 2020 at 11:38

    We at N.O. can do little more than warn you about such things. If the US has the plug pulled by the Fed, we follow soon after, the BofE part of the global club:

    There’s no harm in preparing, people, so what if it turns out a damp squib?

  2. March 20, 2020 at 12:15

    Regardless of the future state of humanity, right now this rather depressing philosophy is premature. The stars will still be beautiful, the sun shine and nature prosper. As with the dubious claims of XR and climate change, it’s the human race at risk. Few doubt the Planet will be worse off with our extinction. Particularly the overblown, smug, deep state billionaire’s club. When all’s said and done they get to lose the most!

  3. Toodles
    March 20, 2020 at 18:18

    Oldrightie, you couldn’t be more rightie!

    And…they will lose, eventually. They lose even now as they could care less about the shining stars, the sunshine and nature. As you are aware, the hard city cement, or mountain rock cannot hold back a little bitty dandelion if it has the right amount of light, water and nutrients to help it come forth.

    Apply the same philosophy to the hearts of many who are a part mankind. Good things will spring forth given just the right elements….a little bit of a good thing can go a long way. 🙂

    • March 20, 2020 at 19:50

      “ They lose even now as they could care less about the shining stars”

      Always found that fascinating how Americans say “could” care less, meaning it was a problem, when we say “couldn’t” care less, meaning it’s “not” important.

      Not a typo, many Americans say that. Also “loose” for “lose”. You cousins speak funny tongue, we speak funny tongue to you, so we’re evens.

    • Andy5759
      March 20, 2020 at 21:44

      After the furies and pestilence were freed from Pandora’s Box there was one thing left. Hope. There is always hope, for us or for the future of life on Earth. Hope is akin to Faith, having both keeps our heads above the waters of despair.

  4. Toodles
    March 20, 2020 at 21:10

    Hahaha! Quite funny, Professssssor. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Actually, we do say, ‘couldn’t care less’. I made a mistake.

    I made two mistakes. The other one was my feeble attempt at making a meaningful comment. Form over substance, don’t you know. Not much substance I suppose from this one here, hear…. so there you go.

    Editor’s are hard to find. Are any editors in N.O. Land wanting a bit of pocket change? I have some change to let loose, lose…to toss out for a little assistance on future if any comments.

    Now, am I to leave commenting for a year because my ignorance was not only displayed by own self, but pointed out from our dear, deer host as well?

    Do not start celebrating in N.O. Land. Perhaps I will really start inundating this blog with lots of ignorant, pointless Toodle comments. Do not worry, even I am not that cruel.

    Really, thank you for making me aware that I must be careful with things. No matter our age we are never too old for correction and reproof. 🙂


    • March 20, 2020 at 21:22

      Wasn’t an error though, was an American language thing which I’d noticed quite often and after all, it was my field.

      Perhaps I will really start inundating this blog with lots of ignorant, pointless Toodle comments.

      You’d better!

  5. Toodles
    March 21, 2020 at 19:02


    “Perhaps I will really start inundating this blog with lots of ignorant, pointless Toodle comments.”

    “You’d better!”

    Thank you for wanting my pointless useless comments. See another one has just been made…being made. There you go!

    So much more in the world for which we must keep an eye on and for which we must keep our faith strong. There are those of us who believe that good will triumph over evil, although it is not ‘purdy.’ My little quips and empty pointless comments, although welcome by you Professor, are not what is important as you and I both are aware, compared (and really it is shameful to even worry about me and how my feelings may be snagged a bit) to so much pain and worry and anxiety and suffering out in the world. We now see it close at hand and even those worries and challenges are part of some of us….perhaps all of us.

    I do have a grip … a handle on how one’s pride is not, should not top the list of concerns by having the last word and so on. Insisting just how I must be understood and approved by any or all is not all that important.

    What is important is our trust and faith in Who is ultimately in control. It is imperative to know that, as the curtain of evil and destruction which has protected some of us and yet has kept some of us ignorant is now being lifted…as it is fraying and wearing painfully thin …’big league’.

    Still, we need to be very wise and discerning about everything…every thing. There are readers out there who know what a seemingly (to some who do not understand) small thing they can do and yet the impact of it can greatly and positively help many in our world.

    That thing is a four letter word. To some folks that word, that action is as offensive to them as other four letter words are to us.

    Toodles and sincerely,
    your friend,

    • March 21, 2020 at 21:17

      ‘Thank you for wanting my pointless useless comments.’

      Of course you know they’re not.

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