Sickos everywhere

This is the first of two posts and as the title suggests, it’s about the sickos around, including those we might not have been aware of, also about some behaviours and images I simply can’t abide.

The second post, at 11, is maybe more useful for readers – it goes into sources I use without letting any cats out of the bag, it comes from some people asking me about where this or that came from. Anyway, let’s start this thing:

Days of decency dying

Trouble is – they’re coming out from under their rocks. I’ve blocked seven people recently on Twitter when I might have blocked that number over my whole time on the platform previously.

And two of those I blocked were James Woods and Gerard Batten.  Why?  Woods posted some naked negro man, a gross thing to do, and Batten posted two gays hard at it – why?  for what earthly reason when there’s already enough ugliness about from people.

Another disgusting one is people kissing animals and photographing it close-up – I would wager that there’ll be people reading this who will find that amusing or at least water off a duck’s back.  Really?  Your wife kisses some animal on its lips, then expects you to kiss her?  Puke!

There’s an advert everywhere in the rightwing press about earwax – why the hell do I wish to see things like this?  It’s got to the point where grossness has replaced basic decency in media and I for one want none on’t.

How the hell can I escape these intrusions?  I’m coming around to the view that we’ve gone past the 50% mark now – in other words, together with the young, the number of older people with vile habits and tastes has become the majority – people’s real selves are coming out more than ever before – and so sub-editors find it fine to run such things in the MSM.  For someone like me who even found Benny Hill gross at the time, modern society is becoming an utter nightmare.

One just now of some chavs licking shelves and food in supermarkets – I would seriously like them to be executed.  Not incarcerated – executed.  Along with Imams and the MCB.

It’s not just what some richard cranium decides is amusing to post which has me retching, it’s things which aren’t so much visually sickening but the whole concept is:

Now, while that’s going on and people are asked to stay at home and thousands don’t, I can also see their point of view in the sense that thousands of invaders were allowed to land yesterday without being stopped, even checked – that one was doing the rounds – so our own are going to disobey and spread whatever it was around, followed by those who just arrived bringing all their diseases into it.

Really charming.

See, we know the outed and very public sickos and of course, apples don’t fall far from trees:

Clinton’s daughter is a monster too, what else could she be?

The thing which brings chagrin to some of us is that so many are wolves in sheep’s clothing and yet they’re adored, they’re national heroes, while they in turn vilify those who may have been not good, e.g. the Donald, but observe him now. Giuliani is now better, Stone, but I’ve seen Giuliani in NY at a party [in a photo] and he was in drag just like Clinton.

You simply cannot take on face value any more, you really must ferret around various sources and find out for yourself. Now look at this creep below:

Who would even suggest to him to dress like that in the first place? Answer might include anyone female, e.g. a witch or alternatively, those people rolling up trouser legs and with special handshakes. The blue levels are innocent, yes, but the upper levels result in Roberto Calvi swinging from Blackfriars Bridge, which suggests that the Black Nobility is not only in Italy and Bavaria.

The thing which I repeat at 11 is that the pundits and readers who are quite straight people revolt at even looking at things like this, which is fine – I recoil from such things myself, I do not wallow in it, don’t even dwell. It’s enough to note and quickly move on because wallowing only draws you into their world, ostensibly to debunk it but the net result is to actually provide links to get get into it, in other words – open portals oneself.

But bear in mind that if you do not acknowledge what the hell is actually happening, just how depraved these people are, then you are living in cloud cuckoo land and you certainly don’t have a grip on the whole picture. Which is fine if all you want to do is straight reporting on what Boris is doing today, e.g. Guido.

What this post is saying is that as the truth of things gradually impinges on people, as if their worst nightmares have arrived, I say the nightmares were always there, most of us were just oblivious. There are real downsides to growing up, politically.

2 comments for “Sickos everywhere

  1. djm
    March 24, 2020 at 11:02


    I’ve no idea what the Batten pic was about, but believe Woods was referencing the US politico (potentially Governor of Florida) found in a self induced drug coma accompanied by multiple male partners. Given that this upstanding citizen was a rabid & vociferous anti Trumper, perhaps Woods felt it was time to deal out some karma ?

    Kind regards

    • March 24, 2020 at 12:52

      All of that is fine, djm, but the pictures were sickening and people can only take so much of that and need to shut the brain down to preserve its functioning.

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