This will be the last post until late-afternoon as I’m on a mission.

In the 08:30 post, it mentioned people you simply can’t trust and yet they were our heroes long ago, sometimes even until now. There are outward baddies and the Donald has been good this way – weaning people off the MSM, exposing it for what it is and yet those who have always delved knew it anyway – Woodstein was a farce, it was Mark Felt and the people behind him, Natalie Wood’s mates were creepy beyond – at least Walken looks the part … and so on.

But what about the other side of the coin – people who can be trusted? My first comment is that it changes – Q drops are remarkably uneven, Neon Revolt has gone to this thing called Telegram, Pollie is on the youtube alternative, many are on Gab.

The household name fakes

The MSM, usual suspects, also those mentioned in the first post – the best approach is to believe nothing although they do have reporting on current topics and so are still worth a cursory look. I confess I rely on others to look at those sources, I can’t stomach them.

The straight bloggers

The essential reason straight bloggers cannot dip their toes into the dark net is a mix of things. Some people I know just find the whole thing distasteful and even I don’t wish to dwell on it, there is also the element of lack of respectability – it does not fit in neatly with the rationalist view of the world.

There’s also an element of ‘wouldn’t be seen dead there’, of reputation. Many think just concentrating on the here and now today is as far as they wish to go and I say fine – most of the blogs in my rolls are just that. A dear chap I’m very fond of came in and said that the type of thing I was mooting was just not going to happen. Again, fine, there’s a place for the straight blogger and reader living in the rational world.

I have one foot in this camp and will report on anything straight news as well as comment on it, e.g. on Boris’s lockdown. A friend wants to discuss it all later and I’ll keep it straight, won’t touch on the other things of the dark side.

The dark bloggers or sources

Polly’s not just a source, she puts her spin on it too, she’s a commenter like me though delving much further, she’s an essential on the net, Q drops are source material, take it or leave it, Neon Revolt is both – these are the ones who are volatile and they could be gone tomorrow.  Rossa’s mother is a good conduit for these things, also DR, Harry, some others.

This is a good source:

But not always. The further you go down these burrows – 4chan etc. – the more you realise that these people are living on the edge. Me? I’m just a ‘good’ boy who reports what he finds and that which is sent. Plus I like to lighten the mood as well after a bout of this stuff.

Another good source, in perma-gloom and with a bit different outlook to many of us, is:

There are very good things there. None of us are oracles, no way, not even Qanon. They do good work now and then, here and there. My own posts are uneven – I’m fine with that. That’s the reality of sources today. The pat, slick, all questions answered, single column people with a certain contented all-knowing manner, often with hat-tip jars, can come up with some good thoughts but they’re certainly no oracles.

That’s the real takeaway. To those, add your own experiences, the anomalies you’ve noticed over the years – you’re getting close, you’re really doing it right.

The trolls and genuinely loony

Unfortunately, some of the dot-joiners are either off the planet or disingenuous, wanting to bury the dark blogger as untouchable if he goes near them.  The test is scholastic method – you know the drill.  if it’s spec, then say it is, Polly does that, but not perfectly.  Be suspicious of perfection, of the far too pat ‘here are the facts’.

There’s going to be a short break now until late afternoon or early evening.

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