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Albtraum, Entsetzen, cauchemar, horreur, кошмар, ужас:

Britain’s patient zero? Sussex IT worker, 50, ‘caught coronavirus in party bar at Austria’s “Ibiza of the Alps” ski resort that’s accused of covering up infections and started spreading it here in JANUARY’

My quelle horreur above is not so much over the Cv thing in itself, though that is bad, but because the Cv thing just gives a highly public example of what such behaviour results in sooner or later – and I’m referring to STDs and all sorts of things animals pass on as well.

As mentioned before, you only need a woman [or man] who kisses animals as she does humans and there’s a rich source of disease – imagine kissing those lips afterwards, it’s bad enough kissing a smoker.

But that’s a minute issue compared to this man who went to a snowbunny hook-up centre and that’s all it was with three mates, nothing less [ask Natasha Giggs if you need details of the sort of place].  I mean, just do the mathematics of it all and it’s very much why I’ve taken the path I have – not perfect but let’s say waking up and who knows what even I’m carrying now?

An allegory was the male protagonist in my long book.  He was due to be married to a Russian; when she was bumped off, he’d already met the French woman who was not one to put it about, but there’s still such a thing as how many one actually accumulates over the course of a life.

Her man she was not married to, because he would not, was a Player, so he’d racked up quite a sharing of body fluids over time and anyone hooking up with him was also a player – talking bar and club culture here.

Anyone who’s ever been to those things knows you’re going to be approached at some stage, so I used to escape the crowd I went with and go to a quieter bar somewhere else in the village, seeking out the more unattached lady but perfectly happy just to have a coffee alone.  It was about then that I started to do the mathematics of it all.

Continuing the allegory, it didn’t work out between the French woman and him, he tried one or two more but then along came the One – but her own history, being a total honey, had seen quite a bit of climbing to her balcony and kissing over her time – so you’re starting to see the sheer exponential maths involved in STDs, crabs and all sorts of things passed on.

By his lights, he was no major player and was far more into sealing the deal with some life partner, but lack of success had turned that into serial monogamy.  That’s fine if both partners have a history of that – the numbers are low and if [genuinely] Christian, might be even lower than that.  But there is still a high risk of at least something being carried – plus whoever used a condom in foreplay?

Where’s the fine line, where’s the happy balance in all this?

At one end of the scale is someone who falls for her man or gal and by and large, that’s it for life. There’s a whole culture, now gone, which placed constraints on people and those people saw the value in those constraints.

At the other end are the people in the Wail article.  Whatever was she doing letting him go off like that … unless she had her own plans for that time?

What these people do is what violent young Muslims do – ruin life for anyone else and methinks there’s a case for execution of the lot of em.

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  1. Andy5759
    March 27, 2020 at 00:28

    I was at Stonehenge when the convoy/circus had an orgy. This was just before aids appeared on the scene. I enjoyed the aperitifs on the high wire yet avoided the desserts. Mad? Yup, I’m mad. Regrets? I’m still here ain’t I? Missed Hawkwind. That’s a regret. Probably. There was lots of stuff going on there too. So I’m told.

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