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As always, we look at the long game at this blog, plus its ramifications for the here and now … fitting into that was Hitchens the other day:

As things stand, the Johnson Government is like a doctor, confronted with a patient suffering from pneumonia. ‘This is serious,’ says the doctor. ‘I have never seen anything like this. Unless I act radically, you will die terribly.’

He then proposes to treat the pneumonia by amputating the patient’s left leg.

So you could identify a first camp, so to speak – the dissident thinker who is possibly more Narrative-infused than he thinks – we all are. Unlike those in the past, he is a radical anti-metaphysicalist who buys the rationalist/humanist thing that there is only Man and Man can do anything.

Within that dissident thinker camp though, a camp which would tend towards Brexit, towards the rule of law, small govt, low taxes, pro-family and just wants to be left alone by the loons – within that camp are the genuine Christians who buy the Gospels and recognise a reality outside of the rationalists, even though the two sets overlap.  If they did not overlap, many N.O. readers and I, for example, would not be able to communicate at all.

None of this dissident thinker camp buy anything at face value, we like to know what’s behind things, we look to the long game and see what these other people, Them, really want.

Along those lines, Andy wrote:

Since the Blair years democracy has become a tyranny of the minorities over the majority.

You could possibly include those dog walkers in the Lake District under this heading – people who understand that the dog’s spirit and also the human spirit needs certain things to stay well … and holed up in a house or flat, only to be regimented into lines at supermarkets is not going to keep us well … quite the opposite in fact.

Within this camp are the preppers – those who’ve seen the writing on the wall [oops, got biblical there, sorry, no ‘religion’ allowed, eh] and who do see this Cv as a designer virus [what for exactly, we can argue over] but the bottom line is we need to self-isolate.

I for one hesitate to call the mainstream, majority camp sheeple, rather I’d say low-information or perhaps not even that – can we say Everyman, Everywoman?

And having his or her reality determined by the MSM, then he/she has largely bought the Narrative, however sceptical he/she is on some extreme bits, such a trannies and uni-loos, banning fun and so on.

In fact he does not think terribly much, preferring the tele and his cuppa.  My neighbour is the salt of the earth, he and I were talking earlier and he said look – I’m doing the right thing, I’m self-isolating but I need food, don’t I?  I need to see my family, my kids. I need to get my medicines.  That’s Everyman.

There’s one great positive with Everyman and Everywoman and the Toad nails it:

Then we come to the Evil Muvvers from Mordor, funded partly by Soros, the demographic which needs wiping out with a virus, except that the ones at the top are only half human. This blog for one has been at them since day one and no need to spell out who they are.

The Christian within the thinking camp does have a far more pessimistic [he would say realistic] take on humanity’s future than the rationalist/humanist within the thinking camp, the latter essentially optimistic despite the evidence, happily believing in peaks and troughs, bulls and bears, brand new day tomorrow.

Can the Christian join the rationalist optimist in his conviviality, dare we say fun?  Some can, some enjoy a beer, football, living life, instead of dressing in sackcloth and beating themselves with birches.  The only difference is that this kind holds a most jaundiced view of humanity’s ability, on its own, not to descend to folly, sociopathy, destructiveness, baby-murder and further – this kind identifies one historical, evil muvver in particular behind it, not allegorically but for real.

This kind says to the rationalist optimist – look, we’ll agree to disagree on who’s the final one behind all this [the Stones and Zeppelin were quite aware who it was, plus metal bands, Taylor Swift et al but let’s put this aside for now] – just look at where this whole thing is going.

Is it going upwards towards nobility?

Is it hell [see Chris Rea].

You, me, Everyman and Everywoman are all headed for the same fate unless something intervenes and ‘resets’ it, which is the way my mate put it.  But we keep getting let down by the Borises and as for the Donald, jury is still out.  Certainly his opposition has zero plan for getting humanity out of this and getting Them off our backs.

A reader here some months back said that we had to look to ourselves and our own families first, have to prepare for coming troubles because there was no way any of the dissident thinkers are going to combine.  The expression used at OoL was that it was like herding cats – every dissident thinker has his or her own take and own solutions.  What a mess.  While Them is super organised, has its plan, it rules, it is the hegemony … and is let down by two things – Everyman’s fickle nature, plus its own incompetence.

I add – look at the huge elephant in the room, the invaders and their faith-based murder and rape cults, pouring into the country and what do champions of the dissident thinkers do?

Look at Laura Towler, heavily into denial over Islam, saying it’s Pakistani culture, Arab culture, while TR shows that it’s very much faith-based, because they’re doing it in Indonesia, in Africa, anywhere this cult forces its way in.

Meanwhile, other champions of the people say nah – it’s the Jews.  To which I say nah – it’s the lost peoples calling themselves Jews.  Someone else asks what’s the difference?

It does my ‘ed in.

So, among those who already know there’s an invasion, there is deep discord on how to proceed.  And what of the Roma and travellers?  They’re just on the side of the lawless, that’s all, zero respect for the sheeple.  Them breaking up the bulwarks of society suits the p*k*ys down to the ground.  Same with the chavs.  These people were formerly at least contained up to a point.  Now it is just lawless, Plod have ceased functioning as Plod.

And Boris is doing zero to reverse this, being Uniparty, in thrall to Them.  We are still in the single market, still paying billions to the bloody EU.  There is no end date in sight.

I’m astounded by those I thought rational men and women who are defending the things he’s doing – not three months ago, my own colleagues were railing against HS2, now they’re ‘going along with it’?  The betrayal by Farage was quite numbing, even though we knew he was closet Them for some time.

That’s where it is right now IMHO.  Your humble opinion might be quite different and still you are a dissident thinker.


[H/T Rossa’s mother]

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