The nature of the tsunami

The two phenomena of the rogue wave and the tsunami I’ve been studying lately. Rather than more footage of the latter, this mild example is interesting:

The same motif was present – unsuspecting, though there were signs. Also, when it hit, it was as a forerunner or two, followed by the big one.

Previously the undertow has been mentioned – amplified with unusual waves.

I read descriptions from various Japanese, Indians and Indonesians and the common theme was that it was deceptive, as if a body of water hundreds of miles long had lifted itself upwards and was moving inexorably along the top.

Not fast – inexorable. That is – that body will continue until it loses energy. If something is in the way, it’s not one rogue wave hitting, it’s a body of water pressing on regardless. If deflected, it can funnel towards the next weak spot.

The science says it’s not a tide. Not a regular one, certainly but it acts like one – huge volume of water wanting to move in, not necessarily breaking like waves.

The two aspects I simply can’t get over with the tsunamis is why people stay there, plus the undertow:

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