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2 comments for “The proper use for shovels

  1. March 20, 2020 at 00:42

    The difference between a mechanic and a technician. The mechanic has a hammer with which to hit things, while the technician has a screw-driver with which to hit things.

  2. grumpy
    March 20, 2020 at 04:24

    A company had a massive machine that was vital for their operations. It broke down and no-one could fix it or even find the cause. They sent for the guy who built it who had long since retired. He came in wearing his bib and brace overalls and carrying a small tool bag with just a couple of tools in it.
    All the highly paid company engineers laughed when they saw this old man with his tools when they had tried all the technology at the company’s disposal but couldn’t get it working.
    He listened to the machine as they tried to start it up and after about 5 minutes he pulled a small ball pein hammer out of his bag and gave the massive machine a light tap. To everyone else’s surprise the machine roared into life and started purring away as if it had never stopped. The old guy left and a few days later the company received his invoice for $100,000.
    The CFO flew into a rage and demanded an itemised account to justify such a huge bill. He got the following bill:

    Tapping with a hammer – $10.00
    Knowing where to tap – $99, 990

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