The triangle revisited

If this blog has been addressing, since its inception, left field, bizarre moves by the global network’s key placeholders, whilst continuing to pack those offices with the wrong sort of person, let’s call it the Common Purpose person, the reaction of any normal, centrist type reader is going to be one of bemusement and good-natured tolerance … until that day that something someone says or does out there, triggers a wow moment where the reader pauses and wonders … wonder if …

For me, one of those was reading that Unz article on the triangle:

[T]he power elite can be best described as a “triangle of power,” linking the corporate, executive government, and military factions: There is a political economy numerously linked with military order and decision. This triangle of power is now a structural fact, and it is the key to any understanding of the higher circles in America today.

The 2016 US election, like all other US elections, featured a gallery of pre-selected candidates that represented the three factions and their interests within the power elite.

The 2016 US election, however, was vastly different from previous elections. As the election dragged on, the power elite became bitterly divided, with the majority supporting Hilary Clinton, the candidate pre-selected by the political and corporate factions, while the military faction rallied around their choice of Donald Trump.

For me, Polly is right in looking at the global cabal but she also needs to bear in mind the situation specifically within the States – I’m referring to the Military Industrial Complex referred to by Ike at his farewell. JFK also made reference.

As the Colonel says, quoted by Polly …

… there are elements, placemen, in the high leadership [also noted by Christy O in her Confessions of a GI Jane] which have hijacked the military in league with the politicians. It takes very little reading to see the evil muvvers – the Dulles Bros, the Bush family, Kissinger, various industrialists, especially the outwardly ‘philanthropic’ – the list goes on.

Why? Global narrative, oligarchical, with the added edge, beyond riches and power, to destroy the sheeple we see at Cv parties, who brawl in supermarkets, who dress as they do … the dark side of humanity, the dregs, the human flotsam.

Then there are people like the ones you trust – at least thinking and questioning. The reason I like Polly, flawed as she is, is because she cuts to the chase, spells out the big picture … and this is good. In that one above, she explains Q for those yet to come up to speed.

But even in there is a danger. Even the goodies are military … and we’ve seen military juntas. Who’s a good soldier, who’s a placeman, one of the Pod People?

And the main takeaway – we’re right in the middle of a greyzone war, not fought with military might … yet … but through propaganda.

That young Scot who spoke of Nimrod, Semiramis and Jezebel is a Scottish protestant and he speaks as you’d expect a John Knox or similar to speak, with those sentiments. This is straight Christian apologetics, be warned about this in the clips, but at the same time, it does touch on some of the eternal issues which have reared their heads again today, right now in March, 2020 and which both Polly and the Colonel refer to.

Once you get the idea of this Jezebel spirit, then what the Colonel refers to as the greyzone is more than allegorical, it’s a link back to Babylon:

And as the Colonel says, people as a whole are now being forced by the insanity of these evil muvvers to confront things they haven’t confronted in generations.

And that, in a nutshell, defines dissident right as well today. One last thing – in for a penny, in for a pound – the healthcare system and the serpent, ha ha. The allegories are swirling around here, torrentially. Coronavirus, anyone? Have a great lunch.

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