6.  Tokyo games

5.  The snitching is just the start

It starts with surveillance and midnight raids, it then moves into the snitching phase and then becomes institutionalised as Denunciation.

This is how it went in Russia, causing neighbours to hardly say a word to others, except for a grim nod.  I was there a few years after the official policy ended but the tales were still raw and not pleasant.

I expected that though from Russia.  The reason it is happening here, going down the same path, is that almost no people from here lived in Russia and saw it at first or second hand.

4.  Philosophy corner

3.  Gotta keep up the baby murdering

Government relaxes abortion law so women can take termination pills at home during coronavirus lockdown 

Just love sneaking things in during crises, don’t they? Evil muvvers.

Also on this:


2.  These are actually criminal acts

Will they be punished?

1. Brit and Euro updates

Over at OoL

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2 comments for “Tuesday

  1. microdave
    March 31, 2020 at 12:29

    “The reason it is happening here, going down the same path, is that almost no people from here lived in Russia and saw it at first or second hand.”

    Vladimir Bukovsky is one who did:


    Admittedly, he was talking about the EU in that 9 year old video, but little (appears) to have changed, thanks to the new emergency powers we are currently living under. Does ANY government (let alone police force) want to hand back powers it has become accustomed to using?

    As for “second hand” – I haven’t lived under a soviet regime, but I owned a Jawa/CZ motorcycle during the 70’s, and used to read (with some amusement) the Czech government produced “Tourism” booklets carried by my dealer. I also spent many hours listening to short wave radio during the early 80’s, and can look back on how those broadcasting from such countries had to be VERY careful of what they said. Come to think of it, RSA (Radio South Africa) was very similar during the apartheid period.

    Before widespread internet, radio & TV jamming was the order of the day – the famous Russian “Woodpecker” being the most well known. It was a constant “Cat & Mouse” game trying to listen, with the most powerful signal generally being the one which got through. These days the big media organisations edit or delete posts & articles which don’t fit the narrative. So, pretty much the same result, just by different means…

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