Tuesday too

12. The impossibility of self-isolation

Excellent ad if you can access it:

At least I’m not currently sharing body fluids at this point, not directly and not likely to but what chance isolation? Really.

Even neighbour next door – I see him at about three metres,both doors are open, the thing is airborne, yes? He goes to see his family, goes for long walks – what chance he’d bring something back? Here am I stuck indoors, not even going down to the mailbox … and yet I’m at the mercy of him.

Then to the supermarket and you know the score there. As one of those vulnerable groups, if it gets me, I’m dead, the only chance being a robust constitution in general.

11.  Bloomin ‘eck – George Osborne of all people

So many police officers are doing an incredible job in this crisis – but forces that are stopping shops selling Easter eggs, putting black dye into lakes, setting up check points and buzzing lone walkers with drones have lost all common sense, and are undermining public consent

10.  Constant bias against unliked groups

I’ve said it many times but when you start condoning or remaining silent on groups such as this, then it’s a slippery slope – Pastor Niemoeller had much to say on that about when they come for you too.

This is a different group but the same principle, always with plausible motives to certain people, not to us:

Oregon redefines “Abundance of Caution” by shutting down online schools

9.  Seems it’s downunder too

Trefor Jones@TreforJones2:

VICTORIA: A teenage Muslim terrorist who plotted a beheading rampage on Anzac Day & was sentenced to life in 2015 could be free as early as next week with authorities set to give him parole & a new identity, was sentenced to life in October 2015 for plot to behead police

8.  Dang, we were busted raided

Just having a perfectly civil N.O. staff meeting and along came the Cv Plod, asking about moonshine or something.  Ain’t no moonshine here, sir, juss the good stuff:

7. Politics and marketing

Over at OoL

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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