6. Kenny Rogers and Dottie West

Interesting that one of the worst muckrakers, Nikki Swift, should do such a respectful video on our Kenny and on Dottie.

I was asked yesterday why I hadn’t played the KR and DP song which was the theme song of WN1 and mine [and even why I wince when writing ‘me’] and the answer is – pain.  There was the most bizarre situation where WN1 and I were busy spousing to Kenny’s song, but I also had an accountant heavily into KR and after they divorced, ex-wife and I [never mind] during WN2’s and my first separation, but at the same time, WN1 of mine, unbeknowns to me [we did not stay in touch], had adopted my accountant as her own and all three of us would meet up to do tax at a Chinese restaurant – don’t ask.

So, not sure if I’ll play any KR this evening – coward of the county etc. – too much of an ouch factor.

Also, those were the days of the onset of middle-aged family life and the Byrds sang something about that:

I’m so much younger today [cough, splutter].

5.  Misses the central issue again and again

[See 11 a.m. post about the nature of the enemy.]

4.  The bliss of retirement

My father finally retired and the two of them had all sorts of plans – he was dead within a few years.  Hmmmm, I’m now retired.

3.  Some things to use for your Cv

In comments in particular, there were some ideas you might be interested in.

2.  You exercising at home just now?

1. Sidelights on the economic effect of Cv

AFLPA president Patrick Dangerfield has demanded greater transparency from the AFL as the pay stoush between the AFL and players’ body heats up.  

Negotiations will continue on Wednesday after the players’ offer of a 50 per cent wage slash was turned down by the League on Monday – just hours after it requested 79 per cent.

With no games currently on show, the League’s heaviest income stream of broadcast rights money and gate takings were non-existent.

Geelong head coach has taken a 100% cut. I was reading that the game had other major issues and that the AFL’s coffers were empty – the much hyped game, with salaries up near English levels in a population of some 23 million and games like rugby popular in major states – so many hangers on also cashing in, as happens in good times.

These are now not good times.  What signs are there for all economies?

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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  1. March 28, 2020 at 03:28

    Kenny Rogers once had some beautiful land outside of Classic City.
    Best location of any wedding I’ve been to.

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