Dealing with the fearmongering

Can I assume we’re all on the same page over there actually being fearmongering, that they’ve known about the virus for a long time, that Cuomo hid respirators in a warehouse, that Plod are being excessive? And that it’s the same in every western nation? I stop short of saying ‘coordinate’, more like a checklist went out and placemen and women swung into action in each country of their own volition.

Polly, herself a bit doom and gloom, as I can be, is nevertheless more interested in finding out than actually mongering – if it were something nice, I’d hope she’d equally do a video on that.

Now, how does one deal with it? Well, first of all with a healthy dose of scepticism, whilst still being careful not to be a fool in one’s bravado.

After that, we pretty much split into two camps – those who believe in the comforting and protective power of a Spirit, which is very real to those who’ve come to believe and I’ve seen no events so far which undermine that view … and those souls of a more sanguine and phlegmatic mindset who don’t go hysterical over anything much anyway. Sometimes, the two go together.

Either way, Kipling’s ‘If’ springs to mind:

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies …

… and so on, certainly the way to proceed and with good reason[s].

First is sheer mental health – you can operate far better than in a state of panic and see opportunities which need to be taken, e.g. loo roll comes into the shops.

Second is sheer bloodymindedness – Them are clearly angling for all this to lead to the crash, the prepared are in a far better position, you can still prepare, even now. Staying calm is really the only way to survival, as the readers of this blog in particular are well aware.

There are many animal kingdom descriptors of the other way to go – sheeple, stampeding, boorish, bovine herds, human locusts – which might be accurate but hardly help the matter.

Dropping back into the prepper’s world for a moment, many of those are in a good position to survive and have stores packed away, plus a body of knowledge now which really does alter the mindset and it’s a good mindset to develop.

One can learn much – this is in my long book near the end:

A key point is that, at first, it’s the State’s agents coming after you to give you a hard time through increasing strictures, including blogging … but something else increasingly impinges and that’s marauders.  When law and order breaks down, you’re on your own, mateys [or under God’s protection] and even former friends and colleagues will betray and attack in gangs.

I personally have always been a rider on the storm, someone surviving with swords of Damocles swinging above me for years now but the factor not factored in there is age – one ages, becomes more doddery, even in mind.

From the book:

‘Explain please,’ said Emma.

‘Order in the world has now almost finished, there are no ordered governments, there is no one searching for you, the reason you are down here is because there are still marauders in their final days, they will kill first and steal, they have lost reason.

You might think this the start of a new era of innocence, green grass and the sun’s warmth. I must tell you that that is not so and you will see it that day you put your head above ground again.

You have already seen the strange weather, smelt the dead bodies from afar – picture this multiplied, and this is only up here. Those in centres down south are in a living hell, even now, in dire fear of being murdered and worse.’

‘Why? Why is this so?’ asked Nikki.

‘Throughout history, there has been a path man could have taken upwards, a good path, but there was also an enemy. I shall not explain further about that now.’

In that book, there are two songs which keep coming back over and over:

I should have run this song as well and still might work it in somewhere:

That’s more appropriate for the middling days. The second song was for the final days and hours and in the book, the two protagonists launch into a song and dance routine – I very much hope I can do this myself when it comes, with a bang rather than a whimper or in hysterics:

That song is right at the end of the book.

2 comments for “Dealing with the fearmongering

  1. Andy5759
    April 3, 2020 at 02:28

    If I wanted to instill fear and panic into a nation so as to cow them into obedience I would make an everyday consumable become scarce. Not food, that would cause riots which we don’t want. Not really essential items, something which is essentially a luxury. Toilet paper fits the bill neatly. Now, how do we start it off? Anyone got Rupert’s mobile number?

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