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The state killing of Jesus of Nazareth followed a pattern we’re all too familiar with today – whoever kicks against the pricks comes a cropper.  Depends of course how much of a threat they seem to be or if they need an example made of them.

This was one of the many stories on Twitter and immediately, the statement in this fashion, as if it had just happened, raised red flags, particularly as her stroke occurred around the time my heart ‘event’ occurred in 2017.

BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead

[You think she looks a bit like Katie Hopkins? No?]

Still, it was worth a re-read and the links are here if you also wish to do so. For example:

Which leads to:

Which leads back to a quick overview:

… from the oft correctly maligned Wiki:

What anyone trying to pursue this in a way which will stand scrutiny in itself should do is reserve judgment until you have as much as fits on the table before you, go get a coffee or tea, come back and look through again.

I have my own view on the idea of her work in 2013 and earlier resulting in her death in 2017 but in this case, I’d prefer not to lead. And if looking at that, then it’s a quick jump to look at this:

With this overview:




What’s the advice? Abandon hope, all ye who enter here? Or keep a flame burning?

I’d personally like to see the botched investigation of Cliff Richard done properly but then again, IMHO, it was intended to be botched in order for public outcry to prevent any subsequent re-opening.  Ditto with Di.

And we do have a principle here of innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law.

A principle I feel is increasingly being bypassed, especially if the accused is President of the United States:

Lastly, what does one do when the public has firmly made up its mind and there is so much trolling around – look at the source – and yet, and yet … hope you can access this:

And there are people so evil looking and in full public glare acting so inappropriately, e.g. Harris towards Kavanaugh, then dancing a jig and finding it all highly amusing, that when she comes out with something like this:

… then she just gets short shrift from me. yet that might be mistake. She obviously parrots that fed down to her and it’s worth at least skimming over to see if any snippets are worth taking up.

2 comments for “Down the rabbit hole

  1. Distant Relative
    April 10, 2020 at 11:19

    “Kill Jill – The Dando Assassination Explained (full)”

    Could be more to it than the alleged paedo exposure. Possible exposure of a false flag op. Very interesting, imho.

    • April 10, 2020 at 13:25

      Up to 12 minutes, excellent, whatever is presented from here on in. Shall run this tomorrow 08:30 and it will at least fill in most people’s mornings at 2 hours, 43 mins.


      Watched it all. Mixed. Overall very good. Thoughts tomorrow.

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