One demographic which Them keep a close eye on

On Twitter, from the US side, there is a strong representation of military families and in particular military wives and there is a second string to the bow other than patriotism – many are also radical Christian but it’s not always immediately apparent.

‘Fundamentalist’ is a pejorative, made fun of in jokes about Jehovah’s Witnesses at doors, out of touch with world reality.  There are also cults which act in much the same way.  ‘Esoteric’ is another way to put it.

There is a better descriptor for these ones – ‘radical’ – meaning concentrating on roots, e.g. of the nation.  Of the next world but concentrating on this for now.  Here’s a small selection of tweets along those lines:

As you can see, the sort of language and tone is quite counter-attack and as such, they are useful for the general radical pushback on Them.

I’m kept up to date from over there and glad to see that a local group within the bible belt is pushing back on the mega-churchers and faux Christians – this for example comes from them:

Elements of Polly in this [by the way – notice what’s around Polly’s neck?].  Chap behind it is this man:

Don’t like the narration by the woman in the first video as it’s not for a well-read audience, it’s far too loaded in tone, but if you can accept for now her target audience is those hitherto completely oblivious, then you will see the context. And along the way, some reminders and some new data, always useful.

Just before getting into that video, check out these screenshots of the video above as it appears at youtube:

As you can see, there’s a strong attempt to contain and turn people away, coming from the youtube woman who runs it.

Increasing numbers are not countenancing this censorship for no good reason. Much of the detail needs to come up to speed in their work – far more in the States than here – but it’s an encouraging sign nonetheless.

My own position can always be found on the ‘About’ page.

Right, the video content – it’s pretty much contained within the Pizzagate thread, many thanks DR, yet having decried the lady’s tone, her editing was spot on and she gives a good overview of exactly what the world faces, the extent of and the sheer horror of its bestial nature.

As Svali said in 2000 – people don’t want to know, it’s beyond most things in any horror film … and it’s been going on a long time. My posts but scratched the surface, which is possibly why this had little traction for so long.

Why are we ignoring this and also the daily influx of Cv carriers to the UK – something Johnson could stop overnight? Well it’s this virus, innit? The Wail alone can write on almost nothing else.

We’re being masterfully distracted.