Drum battle [4]

Today’s was a challenge – I had the Top Secret already saved and it’s one of their best, even with the errors, I could have put up against them a boys corp who were also good – there’s one in mind but they were needed v Crazy Drummers part two tomorrow.

So, in my search for a girls drum corps, I ran into a dearth of youtubes. Sure there were girl pop group drummers, also Chinese and Japanese among the females [coming up on the weekend] but most females were either drum majorettes in US football, part of a musical band, athletic, marching or cheerleaders. Good girl drum corps were quite sparse on youtube.

The best I could find to take on Top Secret were these ladies from Sochi and I’ve already run these past my Russian mate. They’re pretty good and to my mind, the errors add, they don’t detract.

May I recommend full screen for both corps?

Top Secret:

What can one say, eh? There’s a real difference between the boys’ and girls’ approaches – the girls use far more body movement to supplement the drumming, almost cavorting and you see that tomorrow too. The boys are all for precision, not just Top Secret but all the good ones. I like both styles.


One of the girls forgets where to go, also near the end of the Sochi clip, some man approaches one of the girls – I’d like to know what he said, I know her reply already. I did ask my Russian mate.

With the boys, had to smile when one couldn’t put his flame out … but you’ll see that. Quick thinking lad. Maybe a couple of dropped sticks along the way too.

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  1. Obligato
    May 20, 2020 at 09:28

    Boys – Mozart.
    Girls – Jazz.

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