Eye of the storm?

This is a dangerous post because it’s unattributable, there is no url linking it anywhere, there is no corroboration, it comes out of thin air.

Why run it? Because it says some interesting things, puts some ideas. Whether these are borne out or not will one day become apparent. It’s supposedly form a special ops man who did a stint in the ME.

The virus is a multi-layered creation that infects, kills, mutates, and then goes dormant till it reactivates and goes through the cycle again and again.

It was designed to work on populations for a number of years and create havoc and weaken the invaded country until it leaves the country impotent against an aggressor state and prepare the attacked state for take over. The Chinese fucked up and accidentally released the virus along with their Russian friends.

This caused the Chinese to lack a vaccine and has resulted in enormous death and carnage to their economy that is being hidden. Chinese intelligence sources indicate over 4 million are dead and now who is really counting.

The virus will continue to ravage China because the doors into China will be opened just enough to allow mutant strains of the virus to re-emerge in their Country. The recent infections in the north near Russia are particularly dangerous because these infections have their source in an area of earlier Chinese experiments that went astray and killed over 5000 Chinese. This I commented on in December.

The virus is now wide spread in the United States and there are already signs the virus is reacting to other viruses and is mutating as we speak. Do not be led to think this is over because of various infection rates across the country and the appearance of stat`s that reflect a declining rate of infection. We are in the eye of the storm and will hit the other side fairly soon.

One of the primary assumptions of the Chinese in creating this weapon is because of their huge population they can absorb a far greater amount of population losses than the west. In their original models they were prepared to lose over a 100 million dead. This to them in ok. Without a vaccine we will be in Mad Max territory by the fall. A vaccine has been developed and a small test group is being tested as I write this. So far so good. And since this test group is involved in a military operation, well.

[H/T Rossa’s mother]

4 comments for “Eye of the storm?

  1. dearieme
    May 19, 2020 at 13:47

    You may call them ideas; I call them paranoid rubbish.

    That it might be an escape from a lab is perfectly plausible but the biowarfare stuff is tosh. How would the Chinese avoid its killing them? Oh, all right, they’d happily put up with a hundred million deaths of their own. Yeah, yeah. And who the hell would invent a bioweapon that selectively kills old fat men with dicky hearts or lungs?

    The virus is designed to mutate, he says. They all bloody mutate, you fool.

    “supposedly from a special ops man”: more likely a teenager with time on his hands because his High School is closed. The sally at Russians suggest he’s a Dem.

    • May 19, 2020 at 15:12

      There you go and your ideas also get a hearing, as do Ripper’s. Readers need to develop the ability to discern ‘endorsement’ for ‘just running’ for a friend. clue’s in the language I use.

  2. Ripper
    May 19, 2020 at 14:24

    I think you are beginning to lose your way James, posting garbage like that. And please don’t take that as derision, I have seen some brilliant stuff from this blog over the years, notably Polly, but this is clear tinfoil hattery, with nothing at all to back it up or even set one thinking. No dots to join here, they are all over the place.

    • May 19, 2020 at 14:49

      I stated that up front, did I not, about corroboration. It’s a take it or leave it, like Q. Might be right, might be wrong. Big tent, plenty of space. I have no opinion on it for the simple reason I don’t know. But it might trigger someone who does. Let me insert a question mark in the heading.

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