5.  Space X – haiku advises

The flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, carrying Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station, is set to begin at 4:33pm ET (20:33 UTC) on Wednesday, May 27. It will be the first orbital launch of humans from the United States since July 2011, when the space shuttle made its final flight. NASA paid SpaceX to develop this transportation system and will serve as its primary customer. This commercial arrangement has saved NASA billions of dollars.

4.  Memorial Day Weekend

Shall do a congratulations type thingy on Monday.

3.  Penseivat is currently influencing people on Twitter

Comment at our site: “If the British Border Force is found to be arranging with the French navy to meet, and escort, these illegal immigrants onto British soil, then that organisation is, also, committing the offence of people trafficking.”

Good thing too.

2.  We’d expect nothing less

1.  It’s all well and fine speaking of The Science

… as the little Hitlers are all doing … but which science?

For two to three months, Americans have suffered the loss of liberty, security, and prosperity in the name of virus control. The psychological impact has been beyond description. We thought we could count on basic rights and freedoms. Then over a few days in March, it all ended in ways hardly anyone could believe possible.

The manner in which governments dealt with foundational principles of modernity has been shocking. They put half the country under house arrest and managed every movement in disregard for the Bill of Rights and all legal precedent, to say nothing of the Constitution. It felt like a coercive unraveling of civilization itself. It’s like we are all waking up from a bad dream only to look around and see the wreckage that proves it was all real.

[H/T the entire crew]

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  1. Penseivat
    May 23, 2020 at 11:59

    3. Thanks for the mention, but I am not on Twitter and have no idea what people are saying 🙁

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