This Emily Maitlis person

It was on HIGNFY on youtube that I first saw her many moons ago and she would not say boo to a goose – one woman among the men and I thought – well, all right, a lefty journo of the BBC type, no big deal on a leftwing show.

It’s been this past year or so that I’ve become more aware of her rabid bias:

… and this is the latest:

The way the BBC pulled her from last evening’s programme is quite a thing for them. The BBC is of course leftwing in the Woke manner but they had to at least maintain a facade of being evenhanded – tricky to do when they consistently run four Remoaners to one Leaver on panels and take a constant editorial line against anything conservative [small c].

Maitlis, being the silly little twerp she is, breached the closed-ranks so completely, plus I’m sure Boris or the senior people behind him had a quiet word to the Beeb about funding – something like that.

I’m thinking that it’s more along the lines of Rebekah Brooks – Murdoch said go for it, she wanted to earn Brownie points, plus she wanted to make a name for herself as the great newspaper baroness, Maitlis the new Paxmanette – without the talent to do the job. I believe someone at the Beeb empowered this woman, made her feel she was a hardhitting goddess and go for it Emily, relying on some sort of discernment. Women of that kind are not discerning, they’re meatheads, like Thornberry [what’s her first name again?].

We see similar happening in the States with the Twitter situation getting ridiculous … and the Donald has now stepped in. This pussified Dorsey really thinks he can get away with it.

The point was made earlier yesterday that nobody can really expect Codswallop at the Guardian, Rachel Mad Cow at MSNBC, Tucker Carlson, the RT journos to be unbiased – they’re not, nor are OANN. The difference is that the BBC is taxpayer funded.

One aspect I’m wondering about is her Jewishness. If the BBC is anything like the FCO, Whitehall in general, or any other institution today, there’s going to be a strong anti-Jewish element and perhaps the ones who should have warned Emily that she was crossing a line … er … didn’t.

8 comments for “This Emily Maitlis person

  1. Sackerson
    May 28, 2020 at 07:22
  2. Distant Relative
    May 28, 2020 at 08:43

    Seen what @ Jack is up to now?

    “BREAKING: Twitter Hires Chinese Communist Party-Linked AI Expert Who Wanted to Hide ‘Secret’ Weapons Contracts”

    The enemy within.

  3. JD
    May 28, 2020 at 09:17

    “…oh come on Maitlis, pull yourself together!”

  4. May 28, 2020 at 09:23

    One lefty trying to convince the other – Cleese and Maitlis. He’s rightly focussing on May but fails to mention Blair and Brown’s damage, she’s just terrible anyway.

    He makes a good point about not being able to predict.

  5. Wolfie
    May 28, 2020 at 10:38

    Did I mention that I met Maitlis and her family on holiday a few years ago?

    Spent a few days by the pool chatting, children playing. Her reading scripts and memorising them. Husband stayed in their room watching football the whole time.

    Conclusion: How did this airhead get into Cambridge?

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