Trump to lose in landslide?

Akkad at least says straight away that it is clickbait … and yet at the same time … it’s not. He is quoting the Independent which published an Oxford poll in which Trump loses badly. Akkad disagrees for all the right reasons.

He’s a pretty good analyst as a rule and makes the appropriate points IHHO about the poll being wrong here:

While his analysis is sane, especially as Hillary had the big numbers for her in pre-election polls in 2016 and look what happened, and as such numbers might resolve people on the right to go out and vote … I’m not all that sure that legitimacy and sanity will be the operative factors in November.

My reasoning:

1. The mailed vote

If the two states with most electors run this mailed vote, plus many others run this scam, there are going to be both apoplectic people as there should be, but there are also going to be TDS people who will ignore all considerations of constitutionality, ethics, integrity just in order to blindly get rid of him.

And it’s the DemRats who usually turn out in force, rather than the disgruntled independent and the right. Tribal.

2. Sheer Dem/elite corruption

The mailed vote is not their only game – the dead vote, massive registration in the states for illegals, intimidation, other trickery such as machines accidentally voting the wrong way … there is a bewildering array of these measures. It happened in 2016 and no one was brought to account for it, except for a slap on the wrist.

3. An event or two

Return of Cv, the economic crash, measures to oppress citizens further. This leads to N4.

4. The gaffe

An example is Red Flag laws. It only needs the Donald to make a few more errors under advice – Fauci was one suggested by Pence – and things could get wonky. And the debates?

5. The Electoral College

The electors need convincing. How do they currently see the situation? Tied in with the gaffe, what if they privately think no way Trump after what he said on X, Y, Z?

6. Betrayal from within

Ties in with the Electoral College. They set him up.

7. Health

Just that. He’s not young.

8. Totally unexpected event

Assassination attempt, the world elite ready to pounce and close everything, Cv stopping people going out to vote, any of these things.

I’d not be putting my money on him just yet.

5 comments for “Trump to lose in landslide?

  1. Wolfie
    May 23, 2020 at 12:17

    The left are clearly trying to exploit this epidemic as a means to remove current leaders as the electorate swung to the right. Prepared to lay waste to the economy, anything to get their hands back of the levers of power.

  2. The Kaigat Of Wands
    May 23, 2020 at 15:01

    Not sure it matters. Leaving aside the question of whether it’s all just a version of professional wrestling anyway it seems quite possible that Trump is the last Republican president so whether he gets another 4 years to waste or not might not matter in the longer run. Once Texas and quite likely Georgia go Democrat (not this time but…..) because of demographic/ethnic shifts then it’s hard to see how a Republican can ever win again without a major upheaval.

  3. james wilson
    May 24, 2020 at 00:19

    Nobody is working for my side, including Republicans, who are little more than cover for progs who can’t run their grift without an official opposition. Republicans run the gamut from boot lickers to Stockholm Syndrome victums to outright Quislings. An annihilation of Republicans may be the first step on an undiscovered path to sanity. Give ’em what they want, good and hard.

    Texas will flip right after Florida.

  4. james wilson
    May 24, 2020 at 00:27

    These types of polls are nothing more than push polls. They are so ridiculous that you would think even the grifters who do this would be emarrassed.
    Imagine you started with fifty wannabee Presidents and Joe Biden was what you were left with. Leftie voters know they are literally left voting for a vice-President and the deep state behind everything, which they will dutifully do, but it’s not respectful to the base. Turnout is an issue.

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